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    Having lack of motivation for most pet sites currently, so not on as much as I used to be atm. Apologies for any delayed replies!

    Formerly Daciana_Adena. Now back with more sass and as a new and improved agender. May give skype/tumblr if asked. Discord's Magpie#7224.

    I like robots, philosophy and Daft Punk and am happy to ramble about all of the above. Or just about anything if you want to talk!

    I do try to respond to all PMs eventually, it can just be slow-going. I do have a Wishlist, I just haven't put it back together yet.

    Also secretly amassing an army of Blacks and Vines. May also include Spirit Wards.


    -Stormypulse <--
    -----2gen GoN(F) x Magma

    Wookie <--
    -----Halloween Egg/Hatchling

    +++ART CREDIT+++

    Yellow highlight means the link is dead, and that I'm working on finding out which of the things they drew.