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  1. Was just away for a few days with no access to a computer... I was sure I had added my eggs to a click site and that even they hadn't, they'd still have enough time to live, but I come back to a scroll of eggshells... and one was a paper (but nobody was wanting to trade it anyways)...
  2. https://dragcave.net/lineage/SSIlB Finish!
  3. Couldn't resist 1, 2, and 5! They will be loved and named.
  4. I think that if someone sent you a message but deleted it before you read it, this happens, but I'm not sure.
  5. I'm definitely signing up. I know last year I hardly tried and I didn't think I deserved my gift, but I really like Olives and would collect them regardless. Scroll. Olives are on second page. Any adult listed after "PZlMgs and Cows" and any frozen hatchling listed after "Gospel Tinselkin3G" were collected in 2017. CURRENT TOTAL: 2 Currently growing: 6 Also, donating the offspring of Impressive Thuwed!
  6. I've got another finish! I also have a half and a half.
  7. Voted Olives because it's annoying how there's almost always one in the forest and because I already hoard them However, I have to say that all of these choices are good. Blacktips, Canopies, and Greater Spotted are also problems with cave blocking too.
  8. I believe I once traded about 3 CB Xenos for a CB Silver (mageia, gaia, and pyro) and maybe another pyro, I can't remember. But I do think that my trade partner didn't care about which types of Xenowyrms they were as it was a few weeks before halloween and he wanted to zombify them. Mostly, it depends on the type (chrono and gaia are typically worth more).
  9. http://dragcave.net/lineage/hRj2W Thanks, Breeder!
  10. Thanks to whoever dropped ShayY in the AP!
  11. For the release, I'm really hoping for a poinsettia-type dragon.
  12. Where are all the CB Albinos I've been hunting for one for well over two weeks now and no luck Thanks, lovecats99 and oilbird!
  13. 100% Support, but are you aware you can check the action log to see exactly when your dragons bred last week?
  14. Finally bred a mate to him! Not long before I have my first completed project! Boop
  15. I think they'd look good with blacktips!
  16. Someone should try them with hellhorses. And nhios.
  17. Only holiday dragons get a spriters alt when their dragons are released.
  18. Due to some AP inspiration, I bred a half! I'm trying kingcrownes for the other.
  19. Just nabbed a red hatchie in the AP And grabbed a pair of all the new eggs.
  20. http://dragcave.net/lineage/owbyL Thanks, AngelsPunishment!
  21. YES! Just summoned a GoN (and I only have 1 adult magma)! Was not expecting that in the slightest! EDIT: Also just bred this! EDIT 2: FINALLY! http://dragcave.net/progeny/g4uzb I've been waiting since May 6th to breed this! EDIT 3: Just caught a cheese!
  22. https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=175525&st=0 Is this it?