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  1. Uhm... every time I do my nails? My art... Friendships? The list goes on lol Have you ever found an egg that you really wanted in the abandoned area, and when you clicked on it, you got that annoying 'Try as you might...' message and silently (Or screamed out loud, whichever) cursed the person who beat you to it? <.< Don't lie...
  2. No... <.< But I wish someone would have done that with me LOL Have you ever memorized a song just so you could show off to someone that you knew all the lyrics to a song that you knew they liked? ^_-
  3. Yes, yes I have.... Then I found out we WERE related O.O It was crazy. Have you ever gotten so attached to a character in a book, you actually got angry at the author for putting them through the crud they went through?
  4. You are correct I'm obsessed with Greek mythology as you can tell by most ALL of my dragon's names LOL @-Iceheart- SonofAkatosh - Skyrim!!! Akatosh is the God of time and just happens to look like a dragon You're awesome
  5. Couldn't agree with you more... Because now the horses have it!
  6. 24 Storm, Darien Shouldn't you guys have reset the count?
  7. Examine it > : ) An old computer
  8. A dragon kiss So, a great big lick on the face is what what they'd be getting
  9. Denizen Targaryen Game of Thrones
  10. You left me with a hard one... <.< Ngultrum (It's the kind of monehs they use in Bhutan which I think is fitting since this is their flag )
  11. 10837 Wittle ol' level 1 over here :3
  12. Cuddle it! I love foxes Used to own some A science book <.<
  13. I really love that I have friends online that I can escape to and talk to in order to escape daily drama in the real world.