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  1. Happy Halloween! Can't wait to see the new sprites! As per tradition, Just bit a 2013 halloween with an original 08 Halloween Vamp! I am sooo relieved it didn't abandon/died.
  2. To solve cave-blocker problems, another idea is to Retire certain eggs. Just like what happened with the Frills, maybe it's time to retire certain unpopular breeds. This would possibly lower the ratio problem a bit (?).
  3. Really adore the Coastal Hatchie
  4. Saw at least 7 to 8 Blocker eggs in the coast, and saw 2 at the end of the dessert drop. Definitely a sign if its this early.
  5. I'mk the one who saw the black tea in the 3am drop. It was almost a mis-click. I'll reserve judgement on how rare they are after the 6am am drop (if I can stay awake long enough), although knowing that the 5 mins drop are still full of new release, these probably won't be as hard to get as the CB green opals.
  6. If other breeds are already mixing in with the new release, I ASSUME that they would be harder to get later on when the cave evens out. It happened during the CB Green Opals release. The regular eggs started mixing in around 4amto6amish of release day, which is why the demand for them went higher. Of course, this is just 1 observation during 1 release day. I didn't stay and observe the Alpine biome while I was watching the Forest Biome.
  7. thanks for reporting! definitely not encouraging, but it's a good way to base rarity for trades.
  8. It's not the first one. One the 3am Drop, there was a Black Tea Egg mixed in with the desert release. It's definitely a sign if the blocker you saw is in the desert biome.
  9. Thank you for the eloquent explanation skauble! I think you covered everything major that happened during that time.
  10. Thank you for the link Rune, although I believe what Flitz was talking about was back during whenever new release is coming up, people with fast connections help other people grab eggs in their scrolls. It was all the buzz back then since a lot couldn't grab holiday releases. It went out of favor when TJ finally said a big NO since some people's scrolls were getting hacked. *which is why there's a tougher way to hack accounts now*
  11. *is one of the original ones* I remember it quite well It was fun too because helping people with slow connections (slow, not lazy) was so rewarding. I don't know if its allowed nowadays (besides, it wasn't allowed anyway to begin with) though.
  12. It's always been this way since 2008. Don't worry young padawan, you'll get used to it. edit: runoff and ninja'd
  13. During the hourly in the desert biome, did anyone notice the Black tea egg integrating with the new release? I only saw 1 black tea (and it was a near click) though, so it might not mean something. Edit: god I wish there was a DESSERT Biome
  14. If you are going to bite it, at least do it for SCIENCE! there's so many questions regarding this process (will the summon BSA return once it turns into a vamp, Can you even successfully bite it, and so on), at least do it for curiosity's sake.
  15. Bite it! I've bitten holidays and valentines before, since the date stamp (when it was caught) is a nifty reminder for a vampire, and that I could name them 'I was a <insert holiday and date here>'. Although I don't know how well that would work with a GoN, since there's no proof it was a GoN before it's bitten.
  16. Category: Dragons - General Title of Record: Dragon that took the longest to grow up Name of Submittant (forum name): iya_kin Scroll Name (link): Iya_kin Proof for Record: http://dragcave.net/lineage/mESL I don't know if my dragon counts, as it's from 2009, but I'd like to nominate Everlasting Autumns Grand Finale (stolen on Dec 17 2008 - grew up on Feb 05 2009). He's a result my crazy idea to keep an autumn egg bounce between scrolls (and gain 24 hrs) and hatch it in spring. The project of 3 people ended on Feb 02 2009 after the four project eggs grew up. mESL is the oldest egg of
  17. I think you might be over-reacting a bit. As you said, these are DC dragons, not REAL living animals (may they be lower, primitive, or insects) or humans, so I don't see the deal with you insulting the artists and everyone who likes them. If you don't like them, give them (or trade them) to someone who wants them. Dragcave is an online web-browser based game. I hardly think the dragons can code themselves into intelligence.
  18. I just spent 15 mins in the Forest Biome, and not a single opal showed up (it was fairly moving too as some people were nice enough to catch cave blockers). They were dropping at least 1 every 5 minute drop (and about 3 per hourly) 6 hrs ago. I hope this isn't a sign that they'll become harder to get. >.<
  19. which is why I put "(or most)" in there but yeah, this aspect of the game (hunting) has never changed (except for releasing more eggs at one time. Shiny overload! ) through the years. Which is probably why DC is still popular even now.
  20. I may sound old for this, but everyone (or most) should be happy they can have 7 new eggs at one time. Back in the start of DC (before 2011ish) you can only have 4 new eggs. Tbh, the same discussion (about hoarding) has been going on for years now, and will never really solve anything except a few hot heads. As for the timing thing, sometimes, your personal clock is off for a few seconds, so my best strategy is to find the exact cave time (Eastern Standard time) and adjust your clock 5 secs before or after the drop.
  21. I've re-sent my Gift! forum name: iya_kin gift: 6th Gen Bronze Shimmer giftee: Happy_Mask_Saleswoman have you messaged them? Yes. Were there any issues with the Gifting? She contacted me this morning, and let me know that she didn't have internet through the weekend. I'm re-sending the gift again because its a good excuse why she couldn't contact us. But if this will be happening again, I probably won't donate for Friday's event. Unless someone reliable would be kind enough to hold the eggs for the event.
  22. it's been over 48 hrs, and my giftee hasn't responded. I've cancelled the transfer.
  23. Yay! I won! forum name: Iya_kin scroll name: Iya_kin scroll: Scroll gift: Olive gifter: NexusDivine has your gifter messaged you yet? Yes. gift is received. Did you wish to be readded to the list? No But I'll try to donate for it. Also, my Giftee hasn't read the PM yet (its been 24 hours) but I'll wait another day. I've sent my Gift! forum name: iya_kin gift: 6th Gen Bronze Shimmer giftee: Happy_Mask_Saleswoman have you messaged them? Yes. 24 hrs ago Were there any issues with the Gifting?