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  1. Ah I missed that somehow, I really am not that great at using the forum search :'D I guess I see his point, I just thought it'd make it more fun for their tiles to be flipped too, but ah well. If this thread gets the same response and is locked then that's fine, but I'll of course leave the thread as it is for now.
  2. Got a Fool's Mint! I lost last year but I got one this year and my count is officially two (2) upside-down Mints. Good luck, everyone!
  3. I couldn't find an existing topic for this but if it already exists feel free to let me know, but anyway It's April Fool's Day and with that comes the beloved upside-down Mints, or Foolsmints! However, whenever these Mints are bred, they appear to be rightside-up in their lineage tiles and you'd have to click through to their pages to see that it's a flipped Mint. I just think it'll add to the whimsy of the Foolsmints if they remain flipped when viewed on the lineage page. I know there are people who have lineages specifically using flipped Mints so wouldn't it be nice to actually
  4. Looking forward to seeing how these changes work out! But unfortunately I think we uhh accidentally the AP Currently the bottom row has just vanished and there's only four rows of the holiday eggs left.
  5. My Glysteres are probably gonna stay like they are so if anyone needs them... Rainbow: https://dragcave.net/view/Yv9xT Red/Yellow: https://dragcave.net/view/vtkTR
  6. Lots of lag but I managed to get four. All have been influenced and incubated and are gettin fogged so I can go to bed. Good luck, everyone! Happy Halloween!
  7. I'm not sure if I've commented in here before but yea I'm also going to throw in support for getting rid of name exclusivity. People who want to keep working to come up with creative names can do so, and people who get a red dragon and wanna name it Ruby can also do so. There's so many people now on the site and so many named dragons that coming up with unique names can be very frustrating. I know it's not frustrating for everyone, but it is for a good number based on this thread and people I've talked to on the side, so why not change it? Though I do support a way to see if a name is in use g
  8. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: SpyroForLife Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2020 Brief description of treat: It's an irken sugar sticks packet inspired by a treat Zim is seen eating a few times in Invader Zim.
  9. I just sent in my first ever submission for any of these kinds of events >3> mine's something simple but cute. Good luck to all the spriters who submit something, can't wait to see this year's treats.
  10. Tried searching for this and I don't think it's been suggested so I figured I'd bring it up. Suggestion's pretty simple. Change the cooldown for the Fertility BSA so it's only one week long, like Influence, instead of two weeks. Influence is a highly valuable BSA as it never fails, though it does of course have a restriction in that you can't use it on eggs under three days old. Otherwise, it's a guaranteed success. Yet despite how useful it is, it still only takes a week to become available again. So Fertility, which merely increases your chance of getting an egg but doesn't guara
  11. Full support. People should know all the details of something that happened and have a chance to defend themselves instead of just getting immediately banned.
  12. Have: CB Mageia Xenowyrm Want: Swap for CB Gaia or Thalassa Xenowyrm, either an egg or male hatchie! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! gone
  13. Pesonally I prefer 1, let people write out their descriptions and have them automatically appear, and users can just report them if they break the rules. Then again, it could be really easy for someone who keeps their scroll hidden to also hide inappropriate descriptions. In which case, I could get behind option 2. Either way, I agree there definitely needs to be a quicker way to get descriptions approved or rejected.
  14. Have: CB Thalassa Xenowyrm Want: Swap for CB Astrapi, Chrono, Gaia, or Thalassa egg OR male hatchie! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded
  15. Have: CB Mageia Xenowyrm Want: CB Astrapi, Chrono, Gaia, or Thalassa egg OR male hatchie! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded, thanks!
  16. Idk if it's been pointed out but there's a small typo in the yellow hatchling's description. Anyway, these guys look great! Gorgeous eggs, adorable hatchlings (I especially love the Drake's description), magnificent work. Happy 13th birthday, DC!
  17. (this is a different hatchie from my previous post) Have: CB green Gemshard hatchling, influenced female. Bonus, it's a Z-code! Want: Swap for a CB blue female, or an egg so I can try again! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Gone
  18. Have: CB green Gemshard hatchling, influenced female. Want: Swap for a CB blue female, or a new egg so I can try again. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Traded, thanks!
  19. Ah, that's fine, figured I'd ask. Thanks for replying.
  20. Hey @Rhikasa I have a 4G egg up for trading right now if you're able to breed a 4G, I'd love to make a swap.
  21. I had joined right before Valentine's day in 2016! Somehow the first dragon I nabbed was a CB Pyralspite. CB Pyrope Pyralspite CB Magi A Heartseeker from the AP with a VERY LONG lineage CB Water after which I proceeded to grab a couple Valentine's day eggs and one of the new Mutamore dragons. Man, it's crazy looking back at my dragons in chronological order.
  22. Fitting adjective based on dragon's description/appearance/lineage + gemstone/mineral/occasionally other nouns. Dragons of the same breed usually all end up getting the same second name. It usually works out for me and there are a LOT of adjectives out there so I very rarely repeat any. As seen in the Red Army! Every so often I'll use a different style, like some of my Aeons, or my two-headed dragons which usually get names for each head, but otherwise, my adjective + noun format usually works out.
  23. Just got up to a 5G purebred Red! https://dragcave.net/lineage/3KWz4 Not all of his ancestors are owned by me, but most of them are. Can't wait to get to 6G, but for now, I'm pretty pleased.
  24. Named a Seragamma "Murderous Hawk" a while ago, kinda surprised no one has used that before. :') He'll pair well with my older Seragamma girl, Murderous Raptor.
  25. SpyroForLife's Wishlist! I can't believe I hadn't made one of these yet, huh. Anyway, here we go. Favorite Dragons!* I'll always accept these! CB/PB Pinks (even-gen only) CB/PB Reds (even-gen only) CB/PB Golden Wyverns (even-gen only) *If I refuse one of these, it'll be because I already have someone related to your offer and I want to avoid inbreeding, as I'm using them to build big PB lineages! The "I Can Dream" Wishlist Neglected (any) CB Gold CB Silver 2G Prizes Low Gen (2G, 3G, etc) Alt B