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  1. Oh okay! This makes sense now. I was looking at two dragons of the same breed and wondering why only one had it listed, but I realized they were two variants of the same breed so I guess that’s why. Thank you!
  2. I’ve got a question about dragon profiles that I can’t figure out! Does anyone know why sometimes when you click a dragon’s profile, it lists the Breed (in the same area it lists parents and gender) and sometimes it doesn’t? I can’t figure out the logic for this and the inconsistency is bothering me.
  3. Not me, but my sister spent the first two years of her time on DC thinking she had a summoning trio. She only found out last week that they were Frostbite/Ember/Electric.
  4. I support this idea! While right now I may only have five or so dragons with BSAs, I can see how people who have thirty would save a lot of time with a compiled page.
  5. Oh true--I could understand how this feature might be abused. Sorry !
  6. I'm not sure if this is exactly related or even a compromise but what if we maintained the egg/hatchling limits but, supposing you are a Bronze Level (5 egg limit) and you are already egg-locked, if you went into a biome and saw an egg you wanted, you could click it. Then, instead off getting that message about being overburdened, you were allowed to swap it with another egg? So you could keep the egg you just clicked and choose to abandon one you currently have? If you decide to keep all your current eggs, then the sixth egg is put back to wherever it came from. I'm still new to the site so I don't know if it's been tried before or if this would wreak havoc on the systems though. Thoughts?
  7. Oh, that makes a lot of sense :0 I never noticed those hatchlings there or that it was TJ09. Now I feel really silly. On the upside, I'm super excited for my eggs to hatch now! I haven't seen them on the suggestion boards before so I'm waiting on the adult forms
  8. Forgive me for my incompetence (and I hope this isn't some sort of infraction) but a lot of people seem to be following TJ09's egg progress (ex: knowing he has three orange eggs). Where can one find his scroll(?) or see how the hatchlings are growing?
  9. It took me 10 hours straight of non-stop searching to get my Orange egg Thankfully it seems that most people are egg-locked now so catching is a bit easier.