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  1. I never tried it... Ok...um....octopus? Also known as calamari?
  2. Hm...cold and a bit cloudy...and windy.
  3. 'Cause I didn't. Thoughts on the game?
  4. Your trap failed. I'm excited too! I just don't want Wheatley to be human. THAT would ruin everything for me.
  5. Robo_Guy


    I made a creature that can only walk backwards.
  6. I actually like all of the music from Portal 2. I think it's really good. Especially the music for the Wheatley test chambers and after.
  7. Robo_Guy


    Why does he have to wait at night to pick up litter? Right...he's on night shift...
  8. Nuclear Throne--I got run over by a sno bot.
  9. MASHY SPIKE PLATE! --Wheatley. Why do I love this so much.
  10. Coldom Snada? I think I spelled that right...
  11. Wheatley because he's awesome and it took me 15 tries to defeat him (that was more than GlaDOS in Portal 1). ...or the Nuclear Throne. Seriously, where else can you fight a giant radioactive chair? I'm weird.
  12. Nuclear Throne. As a triangle-head. With a wrench.