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  1. CB Dusky's Flowey Dreemurr You only know how scary that is after you've played Undertale.
  2. Cinspawn: The name is correct. Sorry, should really kick myself in the tailbone and update this, but I've been super busy lately...
  3. Cinspawn: Eventually I hope to get them all linked. I had to turn in my laptop at the end of the school year, so currently I am on mobile, which is why I'm updating so infrequently...
  4. Granted, but your birthday is on February 29, so you have to wait four years to eat it. I wish I could be focused.
  5. Great work, everyone! I had to update a whole bunch of names on the front page, and I'm impressed! Will get eventually to adding breeder info...
  6. Sure thing, just make sure you're done by curfew. Poster, may I move to Canada?
  7. A Very Dark Brand of Sugar Um... I hate that I have to point this out, but that's not sugar. That's ants.
  8. WaterDroplet: No, since that one's a Royal Blue, it would be Something Galileo. Yeah, and please don't name it "something"...
  9. Gee You Ate Physical Education
  10. FAStudent: What do you know, I happen to have one of those. Sending the gift link.
  11. Granted. It gets knocked out by a level 1 magikarp. I wish I could go to the gym for real this time.
  12. Somebody dumped uranium on me *dumps uranium on Beldarius*
  13. Granted. The smell goes from lavender to garlic gradually, and the smell gets stronger forever. I wish I could glow in the dark.
  14. Granted. He is hungry. He eats you. You are dead. I wish I could fix my internet without taking out my phone service.
  15. Granted, but they also can control you physically. I wish I was struck by lightning and get some kind of superpower.
  16. Granted. Anything you touch gets damaged, as though you were slashing it with a knife. If you touch anyone, they bleed instantly. I wish I had a dragon tail.