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  1. I like my fort best when it needs repair - it looks a bit picturesque / like ruins. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/yggijo
  2. There are TONS of Hollys on the click sites. It makes me think maybe, maybe I have a chance at grabbing one ! . . . but then again I have to work today and am getting married on Saturday so maybe not. edit: thanks to Pokegirl I am no longer holly-less! thank you!!!!!
  3. Holy moly, did someone really mean to abandon this? When it's ER? http://dragcave.net/lineage/So2PJ If this belongs to someone and they want it back . . . that someone should message me!
  4. I received a gift Gift report: Vocalia -> Yggijo: 2 eggs Do I need to be removed? Yes please! (and thank you so much, Vocalia!) Happy Halloween!
  5. Please add me to the lists Forum ID: Yggijo Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Yggijo Proof that I read the rules: Honeysuckle Can you get on at all during Nov. 3rd? If so, when? No, missed the whole day I was picking up a bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding and going to her housewarming party If you cannot, when is the earliest you can check your PM box? Anytime in the next ~hour (after time of post) or the evening of November 4th (EST) Happy Halloween!
  6. The sprites are adorable. Love them. Thanks TJ and crew!
  7. I remember the oranges super excited!
  8. Yggijo

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    HOLY EPIC UPDATE BATMAN. this is going to devour my life.
  9. wow!! hurrah adorbs tiny dragons
  10. I saw a couple the other day but couldn't catch one. Do want!
  11. Just had a successful revival of a whiptail into a zombie!
  12. I'm just waiting for a final four to appear. >.>
  13. Thank you TJ and spriters! The eggs are so lovely. I hope they don't poof when the event ends.
  14. I don't think each is unique, but there are a lot of them. Right now both of mine are blue and purple, but I'm pretty sure it's just a coincidence.
  15. Yggijo

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    AAAAAH I AM SO SCROLL LOCKED RIGHT NOW Super excited though, and the new male sprites are beautiful!
  16. I have three adults and one frozen hatchling. I like having them, and my CB girl is my oldest gold's mate, so . . .
  17. Yeeeaaaah, that is a problem with my dragon naming/describing style - tends to be based on obscure stuff.
  18. I have four pebble dragons (Emersondrache, Thoreaudrache, Fullerdrache, and Peabodydrache) whose descriptions are based loosely on the American transcendentalists. I am particularly fond of Emersondrache's: "Among the Transcendragons, Emersondrache is the boss, and he does not mess around with his connection to the Over-soul. If even one more sage has the gall to ask Emersondrache why, he will eat that sage. Probably with a side of fresh rhodora in the woods." I like some of my other descriptions too, but very few of my dragons have them.
  19. My three vampires are named: male: Nosferatu von Murnau (after the original, German movie vampire and the film's director) female: Fahl wie Tod (pale as Death) male, sired by the female: Schwartz wie die Suende (black as sin)
  20. I might start being more aware of this and acting on it, but the fun stuff I see in codes tends to be acronyms, like MCAT or OBGYN. So . . . it's probable that I'll just stick to my extant naming scheme.