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    I speak English.... except when I can't English...
    My naming system uses randomly put together syllables to make what sounds like a name in my mind. If for any reason a name on one of my dragons translates to something inappropriate in another language, PLEASE let me know (with proof) and I will correct the issue. I apologize in advance if this ever happens.

    I don't frequent the forums. I have a life and actually don't play DC as much as I used to. I'm usually hanging around the forum around the holidays, and occasionally right after a new release (To watch TJ's Dragons grow). If I don't respond in a timely manner to a PM, I'm sorry; give it a little time I'll respond eventually.

    Wish List Section
    My friends here on DC are looking for (and I will trade for to help them):

    Chickens for LBD (littleblackdog)
    CB Balloon hatchlings or ER eggs for Belisar (sorry, I don't want to be flooded with 7day balloon eggs... ^^;)

    *I have not seen these people in a while and they don't seem to be active. Not accepting trades for them at the moment.
    *Dinos for Vish Coldfire
    *CB Nebula eggs/hatchlings for Valfaris
    *2nd Gen white egg from Alt Sweetling for Valfaris
    *Can't be from the following:
    *Kiru's Ash Black Hearts, Chocolate Valentine Surprise, or Ohlzuran the Sweet

    My scroll goal needs:
    **Please read Freezing disclaimer below!

    CB Holly x2 *fingers crossed for Christmas biome*

    Here is a Google spreadsheet for my needs, I hope it's not too hard to understand.

    **I will only freeze messy and/or inbred dragons. If you are offering me freeze fodder for a trade, it must be lower time than the egg/hatchling I am trying to trade. This is so that the freeze fodder is less likely to have been bred JUST for trading. I will not accept random 7 day freeze fodder eggs, sorry. Most of my freeze fodder I get from the AP. Here is a fine example of good freeze fodder: http://dragcave.net/lineage/iT6c

    IOUs Section
    IOUs I have out:

    - Vish Coldfire - 1 red, 1 white stripe from Snow Angel. Done and done, if they don't refuse their mates. (Please test breed.)
    ---^ Inactive ^

    If I owe you something and you are not on my list, please PM me with proof of our trade, and I will add you to the list. :)
    Also, please make sure I have a solid way of contacting you when establishing an IOU trade; I will not hold an egg or hatchling for anyone for more than 36 hours without a good reason.
    People that owe me stuff:

    -None at this time-
    People that DON'T owe me anything, but insisted on paying me back anyways (I love you guys <3):
    -If you are in this section, I'll never ask where the stuff is, and won't complain if it's never paid-

    -None at this time-
    Available Holiday IOUs:

    CB Valentine 09 x2:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Sweetling (Non-alt) x 2:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Rosebud x2:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Heartseeker x2:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Arsani x2
    ---- Open for IOUs

    CB Female (x6), Male (6x) Pumpkin:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Female (x6), Male (6x) Black Marrow:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Female (x8), Male (8x) Shadow Walkers:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Female (x8), Male (8x) Cavern Lurker:
    ---- Open for IOUs

    CB Yulebuck x2:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Snow Angel ("White Tipped") x2:
    ---- Vish Coldfire - 1 red, 1 white stripe -Done and done, if they don't refuse their mates. (Please test breed.)
    CB Ribbon Dancer x2:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Winter Magi x2:
    ---- Open for IOUs
    CB Wrapping-Wing x2
    ---- Open for IOUs

    -I will >NOT< breed off season for rares such as Golds and Silvers.

    2nd gen Holly:
    ----Open for IOUs
    From female white.
    Lineage: https://dragcave.net/lineage/olQRr

    5th gen Holly:
    ----Open for IOUs
    White Red alternating stair step. **Only breeds to CB White**
    Lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/7k4t4

    5th gen Holly:
    ----Open for IOUs
    Autumn Vine alternating stair step. **Only breeds to CB Autumn**
    ND IOUs:
    Closed at this time; I have a life and finding good times to try to experiment is difficult right now.

    I prefer experimenting on CB common eggs, but I will gladly make bred NDs as well if I can obtain the lineage you are wanting. No rare x rare ND requests though please.

    Please also keep in mind, NDs can be made quickly, or they can take forever to make; it's all dependent on the eggs not the experimenter. I guarantee you will get your ND, but I can not guarantee getting it for you quickly. For this reason, I will only make one IOU for a given gender at a time.


    Will make ND IOUs in trade for the following:
    Holly - 2nd Gen from White
    Tinsel - 2nd Gen from mate of my choice. (I don't know what I want yet)
    Shimmer - 2nd Gen from mate of my choice. (I don't know what I want yet)
    Other Available IOUs

    I am willing to hunt for things that I myself don't need in exchange for trades. I will not hunt for extreme rares though.

    I will breed most things on my scroll without asking for something in return, so if you are needing something just ask. (See the Spreadsheet link under Wishlist for what I have.) I refuse to breed messy/inbred lineaged stuff unless it is for freezing or for my Mega Inbred Lineage (which remains on my scroll).


    Last updated: Nov 7, 2017