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  1. Good luck! ❤️ @Sethiss reports that she's managed to get four of her eight Cantormaris dragons to survive earthquake. Since they didn't hatch from Earthquake, she was able to influence them as two pairs. They hatch in less than four hours. Edit: From the news thread, we have names for the variants: "the original Iris Florets, and the new Alstroemeria Florets".
  2. Nah, it's all right, we do have a pair! (Though another male would certainly be a great addition to the inventory.) Don't worry about it. A female is also useful! Thanks for raising it!
  3. @Tini - thanks for the clarification! Heads-up, seven Sunday Gemshards are sitting on my scroll (all from the Market). rehchoortahn has loaded up on six Sunday Gemshards from the Market, as well. (He also wanted to pick up the CB electric you posted, Dracaena, but he had a mental derp and tried to pick an egg from the cave to offer on your link. Whoops. Hampered by cooldown!) So, all in all, I think we have fifteen Sunday Gemshards (so far). At a 1/6th chance of purple, I think we have a decent shot at getting two or three of them, although whether they'll
  4. I'm slow. I only just noticed the gemshard sprites also changed - but since they're dimorphic that also doesn't make a difference to the male/female distribution on the spiral. Subtle compared to a lot of sprite updates, to be fair. Old: New: Prefer the originals, but no surprise there, I guess.
  5. It's happened as low as 4020-ish or so. Seems to have a slight random component, I guess. But anyway, the reason I posted what I did was because there was a theory that 800+ unique views would do it. I've just proven that wrong, is all. :3 [ Edit: Mine turned yellow at 4027 overall views, for what it's worth. ] Since there don't seem to be any official colour names, the order they're in the spiral is just "Pink" and "Yellow". But it could just as well happen that they get official colour names and my ordering is wrong for that reason. tl;dr It's up to you, really. ❤️ Do what you
  6. Overall views are capped at 15 * unique views. Once your dragon gets more than 90 unique views, you can continue giving it overall views. I'd be happy to. Can you link me? I've not been keeping up with the thread. Edit: I guess you mean the spreadsheet. I added it.
  7. FYI, I can basically rule out that this is the criterion. I've got an egg with 861 unique views (but <4000 overall views), which has not turned yellow.
  8. FYI, regarding Sapphires, 834 unique views does not trigger transformation (edit: nor 861 unique views), so I'm guessing it's the overall views that do it. (Those are still <4000 for this particular egg.)
  9. Thanks a lot! I was working my way through the thread to find this info, to make some influencing decisions for the Release History project (we tend to order things released on the same day alphabetically). This helps. ❤️
  10. Okay. Here we go. This is what I worked out (tl;dr summary after the list): Context: My spiral notes previously ended on the Tideweaver, male sprite. 2021-05-21 Female (Warded) Cantormaris CB Male (Earthquaked) Cantormaris CB Female (Alt) Electric CB Male (Alt) Electric CB Female (Galvanized) Copper (from a female CB Copper) Male (Galvanized) Copper (from a male CB Electric; or, if it's possible, from a male CB Copper - either way, we should be good) Female Floret (Rose/Jungle) CB Male Floret (Rose/Jungle) CB Female Gemshard
  11. Does someone already have both green and white Cantormaris dragons and knows how they sort by name in relation to each other?
  12. So the release day eggs will all be cyan. Good to know! I just grabbed a pair for the random chanceness. Needless to say since they're random, I have no influencing advice to give. I'll be influencing mine as a pair, but not expect them to actually turn into anything remotely useful. I'll try to grab more gemshards later on, too, I unlock more in a few hours. I haven't forgotten that I owe you all influencing advice! I will do this in the next couple of hours. (I just woke up and am still fog-brained. Slept for twelve hours after my trip. If anyone's curious: ~Hamburg
  13. That's a really good haul, though, all things considered! ❤️ Thanks so much for your efforts! I've thrown your stuff into the GDoc. Lemme know if I missed anything. (I am on the train home. \o/)
  14. Totally! We want it in the line as "a Lightning-type Dragon", so the sprite doesn't really matter. And alting it gives us more options.
  15. Oops, sorry, no, the double "male" entry was just copy-paste nonsense on my part. Fixed it! For the alt Copper Electric, I haven't figured out the gender yet, like everything else I am deferring that to tomorrow, because today is just an all-travel day and not only is working it out stressful, but it's also prone to error. I will totally let you know! Thank you for catching one and for grabbing those Cantors! Maybe we'll get lucky and get so many Earthquake Cantors that we can trade some for CB release day Gemshards. That would be something. Once I unlock I will bu
  16. Thank you! To be fair, I do think we're probably set for the Jungle Florets, regardless what needs or doesn't need to be done with them. Anyone of the opinion I should do some last minute changes? (Am on my train, on battery, with train wifi, but can probably still do something with my shards if there's a better use for them. Will check the News thread shortly.) Edit: Decided not to change anything in my own setup. If anyone's on at the moment and still has an egg slot, I think what might be nice is to have one more CB electric egg for the coppers (or, obviously, any Ma
  17. Shuffled some Florets to rehchoortahn whom I'm in a video call with, will use my egg slots for other things shortly. I unfortunately need to go to bed in less than an hour because I get up super early tomorrow, so I'm going to just improvise my way through the four slots I've got: I will grab two Electric Dragons and a CB Royal Blue and a CB Royal Crimson. Current status, to best of my knowledge (for the "gender unknowns" I will let you know more on Sunday!): CB Sapphire, the lots of attention variant @ pinkgothic CB Sapphire, the abandon variant @ whoever AP trades w
  18. Actually, a thought - if someone is willing to come to my IRC channel in three days or so (so it stays influencable), we could indeed try the old trading variant live in the AP. Anyone willing? I dumped two of my new Jungle Florets. Thinking of buying Florets from the store, in case the gold and violet variants are needed for the possibly-only-hybrids? Does anyone know more about the breeding patterns? Alternatively I could buy two Cantormaris eggs and EQ them after the other eggs hatch. Opinions? Edit: My girlfriend, Sethiss, is overwhelmed by t
  19. ...yuck. 😧 I'm totally willing to abandon one of my market Sapphires, though, anyone here want to try catching it? Would be https://dragcave.net/view/qeWzY
  20. Heads-up, I have caught four new biome Florets. Let me know once we know the mechanic for getting the others; so far consensus seems to be that the CBs can only ever be that colour, so I might toss a pair to make room for market Cantormaris dragons, or a pair of Coppers if it turns out whatever the trick is can be done with market Coppers. I've also market-bought a pair of Nilias (already verified that Fertility on both parents gives the alt - IDK if one parent is sufficient) and Sapphires. For the Sapphires, if anyone knows more about the mechanic, I am all ears.
  21. Hatchlings. CB BBW - https://dragcave.net/teleport/c1db42a6417e87872b36b63db27d8593 CB BBW - https://dragcave.net/teleport/ca3238a5eeadee622dc959a98ea3124c CB Horse - https://dragcave.net/teleport/5edeea6965a93bfcbe0c5cc0ed47449b CB Canopy - https://dragcave.net/teleport/c9cf176e8e2f042030b64e441f82f21d CB Black Tea - https://dragcave.net/teleport/7b13cfa426de05610ddc7754d4fb97ce
  22. Not necessarily! We could just continue with the Common Pygmies in the "spine" of the Spiral. That's how event dragons will be handled in the main line, anyway (since otherwise it's impossible to ever catch up with the current releases, even in theory - but we don't have the restriction in the Pygmy line, since there's only ever been one event dragon, so it might be worthwhile!). If we want the pattern of the pygmies to be as they were in v1, a male pumpkin would be the right one to use! (See the start of the line for reference - "Tinie Aeza" basically would've been a Pumpkin if
  23. There's no such feature (and I won't be adding it), but I can absolutely change it for you! ❤️ Let me know in PM what it was and what you changed it to and I'll get to it right away. Taken care of!
  24. There's no rush deciding it. I'll keep running this thread as long as necessary. ❤️ If you'd like to take over (or even just help out), message me with your email address (a Google account makes things easiest) and I'll give you edit access to the document. FYI, this is still here.
  25. Drake Spiral fail: https://dragcave.net/lineage/q3QhU Anyone want it?