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  1. On 7/21/2021 at 11:06 PM, pinkgothic said:

    *pings @Serotina*


    Serotina, I see you do have a bab' on your scroll that grew up (although it's the wrong gender to continue the spiral). Have you tried again at all since then?

    I hope Serotina is doing okay, what with the silence and all.


    I'm going to send @Tini a sibling of the spiral girl Serotina has one of, so we can continue in Serotina's absence.

  2. 3 hours ago, FarawayCreatures said:

    Finally! After three epic fails, the drakes line continues: https://dragcave.net/lineage/HBW7C (I'm especially glad because the Sunglow momma has DQ in the code, which is my nickname). Who should I send the eggo to?

    Over here! ^_^ Wait up, we agreed Dracaena would come before me, not after me (both of those were possible, I just confused myself). So, Dracaena!


    1 hour ago, Shokomon said:


    Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing! ❤️

  3. 3 hours ago, purplehaze said:

    Fail #2 for pair #2. This one has a kind of a fun code -- almost Time -- https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ti6ME. Anybody want it? Again, I will hold it until morning and then it goes to the AP.


    That's a pretty cool code! If I were still raising non-release dragons, I'd grab it. 8D


    As always, thanks for the update! Strike six, looks like. I'm still rooting for you. :D

  4. 6 hours ago, purplehaze said:

    The good news is that they are very dependable breeders! The bad news is that they gave me yet another Red egg.

    I gave them a few extra days this week, hoping to change the dynamic, but still no luck.

    If anyone wants the egg, speak up. It will go to the AP when I need the space.

    Thanks for the update! Strike five. :D I'm liking the good news, here's hoping eventually they will pop out a silver. (Although, to be honest, "no egg" would give me more hope of that. XD As mentioned last time we got around to metallics!)

  5. 2 hours ago, FarawayCreatures said:

    RNG hates me I swear. The Drakes refused now... 😐

    (i'm relatively new, so if there is a way to prevent refusal in-game, I'm fully expecting a mob to rally my house by midnight)

    Should my Bull give it another shot or do you want to have someone else give it a go? 😅

    You can indeed mostly prevent refusals by using the Purple Dragon's BSA "Fertility" on one of the dragons you're breeding beforehand. (You only need to do this the first time they breed, because a pair that has successfully bred before will never outright refuse again. They might 'no interest' a lot! >_> But they won't refuse.)


    I'll breed you a replacement, no biggie! It's not like we're in a rush with that line. :P

  6. CB Rainbow Copper. Offer a dummy. First offer gets it.



    Edit: XD OK, a bit shocked that fifteen minutes in, there isn't even one offer yet, but I need to go to bed. Sorry, I realise that raises the uncertainty level whether you'll get it! I'll accept first-offer as soon as I'm able.


    Edit II: Gone! Sorry to all the other people that offered for the delay and uncertainty. Will try not to offer something like this this close to bedtime again. XD;;

  7. On 7/8/2021 at 10:15 PM, purplehaze said:

    And the new Red egg is now on my scroll. Double trouble? Hopefully double the chance of success. ;)

    I'm rooting for you! ❤️


    Meanwhile, I've sent FarawayCreatures a replacement Day Glory / Sunbeam drake. It precogged female on my scroll, so unless mechanics have changed, it should be safe to use for the line even if nothing else is done to it. ^_^

  8. Just now, purplehaze said:

    Yet another Red egg. I may give them a rest next week in hope of changing the energy. But I could probably use someone else helping with this boss battle if we don't want to be stuck here for months. ;)

    Thanks for the update! Strike three. :D


    @TCA, can you try making another Red from your pair?

  9. 2 minutes ago, FarawayCreatures said:

    Thank you!! Is it alright if I freeze this one then? Both to go into my collection and as a reminder to triple-check everything from now on XD

    Of course! It's your dragon, and it's no use for the project (breaking the spiral pattern, and all). Go right ahead. ❤️

  10. 58 minutes ago, FarawayCreatures said:

    I'm... not exactly sure what happened, but I definitely precogged the hatchling as female, but it matured as a male. I must have looked at the wrong hatchling or something, even though I definitely remember checking the Day Glory.

    Well, I can forward the hatchie to someone who has a CB female, if it suits our purposes? This is disappointing, but I should have known better, I guess.

    No worries, reliably getting a Day Glory is easy. I'll breed you another once I can! 🤗

  11. On 6/30/2021 at 1:09 PM, purplehaze said:

    No surprise. I got another Red egg. I will hold it until tomorrow morning in case anyone wants it. PM me if you do!

    Thanks for the update on strike two! ❤️


    I sent @FarawayCreatures a fresh Sunbeam / Day Glory from my Drake pair. I'd suggest the line continue with @Dracaena next for the Greater Spotted Drake hybrid component, then (for the Morphodrake hybrid component) either @Dracaena again, or over to me. If anyone has objections, speak them sooner rather than later. ❤️

  12. Female CB Sabertooth Bull Drake from the release day (grows up soon ❤️) :

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/dc6c80f25c4fdfb5f4f0e6907997139d Gifting.


    'Poison' CB Obidar:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/766ab8d31dd0ffc1e2c3f0b6fe2d240d Gone.


    CB Greater Spotted Drake, for your new hybrid breeding needs:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/d56b53c3e2ae8036d59d87c1f365710c Gone.

    CB Jungle Alstroemeria Floret:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/c60e2a3ede50d9b65b73f59fc485de20 Gone. Thanks for giving it a good home, @Jennie!


    CB Skystrider hatchling:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/cf57b8ae01a10700d055f9ad1ff4857d Gone.


    Messy Red hatchling:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/2a19b34c8965fc44aada25aedb9fa02c Gone.

    CB Kingcrowne hatchling:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/b885d6aefa469459b95937652c7f0061 Gone.


    Messy Black hatchling:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/eb837c2fd6ad994da23f50f4dda3e4af Gone.


    CB Mariner Pygmy with "Dad" code:

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/8e8fb7708c34fe8d702fc89e966a16ee Gone.


    CB Electric hatchling (stunned! --> alt form):

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/d289cec0fd665816afa3aa23c1400789 Gone.


    Messy Black hatchling (part two):

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/e1d7742805670f9ffdb95cccae72ba2e Gone.

    CB Nilia Pygmy with a pronouncable name code ("Jamuz", caps messed):

    https://dragcave.net/teleport/92b6d3aa20de1649a607eb75feabcbd2 Gone.

  13. 15 minutes ago, EragonSaphiraRider said:

    Just out of curiousity. Have we passed the raffle prize dragons in the main spiral? If not, I'd like to offer this brand new baby that I have just won. He is influenced Male. 

    Congrats on the win! We're nowhere near the prizes yet (#140, #141, #142); I added your baby to the GDoc! ❤️ According to my sheet, the gender useful for the spiral depends on whether we go alphabetically (bronze > gold > silver) or by valuation (bronze > silver > gold) - male for the former, female for the latter.

  14. On 6/28/2021 at 12:38 AM, EragonSaphiraRider said:

    I will see what I can do when I have space again for another egg for that Pygmy 

    Thanks! ❤️


    On 6/28/2021 at 1:24 AM, Dracaena said:

    Just a fyi with my catches.  4 new cb drake eggs, 2 cb greater spotted drakes, 1 cb morphodrake.  I was aiming for a pair of morpho and spotted, still looking for the second morpho.


    edit:  2nd morpho caught

    Super awesome! ❤️ I've added them to the GDoc.


    On 6/28/2021 at 8:03 AM, FarawayCreatures said:

    I'm not very involved with the new release, but I do have one CB drake. If you ever need me to use it, I'll be happy to help!

    Thanks! I've added it to the GDoc. :) I do think we're all set at this point, mind. But you're not in any line yet, and so I'd give you dibs for continuing, if you're interested? Assuming you've got a male CB new drake, that is. If it's a female, it's unfortunately not a good match for the spiral as-is.



    Meanwhile, I've given two of my release date drake pairs to Shokomon, who managed to miss the release date, but was involved in the concept of the CB drake, so I'm down to only one pair (which is still one drake more than I actually need - if anyone wants a lone CB female, or indeed an entire CB pair, given that we seem to be so well-stocked with drakes and I probably won't be the one doing that first breeding, hit me up).



    BTW, I apologise for the slow responses, I am presently not at home. I didn't initially think this would be a problem, but I am actually *gasp* socialising most evenings. Whoops. Getting none of the things I wanted to get done in the evenings done. XD

  15. 11 hours ago, purplehaze said:

    I have a pair of the new Volcano drakes.

    Thanks for the heads-up! Added to the doc!


    55 minutes ago, myahoo said:

    Got 4 of the Volcano drakes and 2 of the hybrids.

    Added the Volcano drakes to the doc. :D We don't breed hybrids into the spiral - we breed the CB species that make the hybrid into the spiral instead.


    I actually caught a Morphodrake from the cave a few minutes ago for this purpose, camping in the Forest for a Greater Spotted Drake, but will buy from the Market before I go to bed if I 'must'. 👍


    14 minutes ago, EragonSaphiraRider said:

    I got 4 volcanos and three hybrids this release. Would have had four hybrids but one pair threw a greater spotted instead. 

    Added the Volcano drakes to the doc! Thanks a bunch!


    (BTW, when you find the time, would you be willing to try to breed another Red Pargulus Pygmy? ❤️ Then we can hopefully get those sprite updates into the v1 line!)


    From the News post, it looks like neither Drake will have dimorphism, which makes alphabetical order interesting. The drake dropping in the cave (which sorts between Royal Eminence and Sakuhana) features alphabetically before the hybrid (which sorts between Spotted Greenwing and Stone). That means we'll want to breed a male of the cave Drake (to pair with the end of the line so far), a female Greater Spotted Drake and a male Morphodrake into the line.


    Edit: And Greater Spotted Drake acquired.

  16. I have six CBs of the new Volcano drake and I will catch or buy a Morphodrake and catch or buy a Greater Spotted Drake from the market as soon as I'm able. (As much as it's a pointless-seeming chore, I'm glad I routinely load up on eggs from the cave to earn shards, only to abandon them after cooldown. XD)


    I'm happy to hatch and then give two of the Volcano drake pairs to someone who happens to be locked today! I only need one pair at most for the project.