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  1. 4d 8h Shumoga eggs with big holes. Wave 1: - one dead egg - one unaffected Wave 2: - one unaffected Wave 3: - one dead
  2. Spotted Teal Drake fail (Morphodrake): https://dragcave.net/lineage/Z3aVn Anyone want it? (My default action would be to let it grow up on my scroll and then get released.) I actually ended up abandoning this. I'm sure there will be others if anyone is interested.
  3. CB Shumoga (egg): https://dragcave.net/teleport/a466eabaf71c7592c614a5404bdd4ab3 Gone! 2G bronze Shimmerscale from a dark/new/bronze Lunar Herald: https://dragcave.net/teleport/fa0727260719533e95a63b1b7f5c2fe3 You're very welcome, @Myoukin! ❤️
  4. Nope! I am not really actively making anything myself any more except for the coding to turn cyclers into dynamic images (and anything needed for maintenance and support of the site, of course! ❤️), but I'm happy to host images if anyone wants to make them. If you like, you can just use https://leviathan.thorngale.net/eoc_button.gif instead - that's not at risk of randomly getting rate-limited or deleted by Imgur. (The only reason it's not in the first post is because it's a thing to discover on the site. )
  5. CB Shumoga (egg): https://dragcave.net/teleport/f8352d020f28d719a810ff1625948447 Gone.
  6. I've reached out to you in PM.
  7. Couple recent ones of mine (all Shumoga, except one killed egg on September 2, which was a Cantormaris): August 25 - wave 1: 2 unaffected. August 30 - wave 1: 2 hatched. September 2 - wave 1: 2 hatched, 2 killed, 1 unaffected. - wave 2: 1 unaffected. - wave 3: 1 hatched. September 8 - wave 1: 5 unaffected, 1 dead. - wave 2: 2 unaffected, 3 dead. - wave 3: 2 dead. In all cases, time was under 4d 12h, the eggs had big holes.
  8. There is this huge trove of trivia that I keep wondering when to use, stuff like "Adults used to continue x gaining clicks and views", but I don't know if this is a good place for that sort of thing. How about "Post-Fog Water sprites resembled x their later female sprites", or something along those lines? Safely received and influenced! My tentative release date Pyropellis dragon colours are: CB male bald Pyropellis CB female cyan Pyropellis CB male blue Pyropellis CB female violet Pyropellis Happy to change them if there's something better-suited to the project! (Am just flying through, maybe someone else can update the docs.)
  9. CB full/white/silver Lunar Herald: https://dragcave.net/teleport/e3f75f97a1d915535cbf087bc8a10db8 Gone and + CB Magnesium Amphiptere with a nice code (Isogu, caps messed): https://dragcave.net/teleport/f11ece0cf6c4b5e91e1528daa4c5d9bc ...gone. You're very welcome for the two, @jerzeeshadow! Two CB Shumoga eggs (I was going to Earthquake them, hope they hatch wild and give them away then, but I have other scroll obligations now that disallow Earthquaking) - https://dragcave.net/teleport/d588e030c66a2fe31a1fa408b9e8dc41 Gone.
  10. CB gold Iris Floret: https://dragcave.net/teleport/ea8a5c8f9ba52532e642a378495d7499 Gone. Thanks for giving it a good home, @Jaici!
  11. Looks like Pyropellis dragons keep their colour when bred with each other, so we don't actually need the hack I prepared. Sweet! I'm gonna breed my Pyropellis dragons to some flame-generating critters so I've got some variety for whenever we get around to them (not that I wouldn't be able to change them, but it'll be nicer this way 8D).
  12. @Shokomon - would you be willing to make some tweaks?
  13. Green Dino: https://dragcave.net/teleport/199afedf3b8a4e744c071645f167b122 Gone!
  14. Last call. Hellfire gone to purplehaze! Thanks ❤️
  15. For the female CBs? They're on my scroll as hatchlings (except the fire gem, which I'm still in the process of hatching). Edit: Stunned so they don't grow up.
  16. CB thunder: https://dragcave.net/teleport/cb80bac538058865fd592736d16f4602 Thanks for giving it a good home, @missy_! ❤️ CB astrapi xenowyrm: https://dragcave.net/teleport/47e0474ad6cc76fa00aa6029d6826299 Gone! CB female wild Shumoga: https://dragcave.net/teleport/7108c9918d84d7adee02ef45c2e2461b (offer a dummy; if I see it after multiple people have offered, I will try to give it to the first person without wild Shumogas on their scroll) Gone to someone who did not appear to have a wild Shumoga on their scroll. Enjoy!
  17. For the record, I'm laughing my butt off. I'm not Tini for canonical answers, but I believe it's @WhisperingWillows for pairing with this boy, or anyone else with a suitably ancient CB male Stone Dragon. Welcome! Even just helping out with releases as they happen with the hope of being around a couple of years from now is great, really. In the meantime any help you feel like giving to coordination is welcome (like I just did with the Stone dragon). Tini is the main coordinator, but if my experience as a project coordinator is any indication, other people pitching in from time to time is a huge life-saver. ❤️ A nice case for the argument to always future-proof one's names! Thanks for the comment. What do you think, @Ruby Eyes? Sent you the Magi. Fire Gem took me forever to catch because I'm scatter-brained, so it's still an egg. Re: mixed genders, not if we do in fact breed these into the spiral, because then it'll look like this: - Pyropellis (blue) - Pyropellis (cyan) - Pyropellis (purple) | | | Pyropellis -| - Pyropellis -| - Pyropellis -| - ... | | | | | | - Brimstone -| - Hellfire -| - Fire Gem (green) -| | | | - Brimstone - Hellfire - Fire Gem (green) Whether we do or not is a different question and your decision, ultimately. Would anyone here want to have a CB female Water, CB female Hellfire or CB female Brimstone? I'd like to get rid of one of those three to someone with a male Pyropellis and I don't mind which it is.
  18. Meanwhile, they're not release date, obviously, but I grabbed a Hellfire Wyvern (for cyan), Water Dragon (for bald) and Brimstone Dragon (for blue) from the cave and will hatch them all as females (for a nice regular pairing off with Pyropellis males, since presumably only the female hellfire will give cyan flames). I also intend to catch a green Fire Gem (for purple) and a Magi (for green) and hatch them as females. [ Edit: Magi acquired. ] That said, I only have two release date males, so I'm looking for up to three volunteers with release date males to take some of these commons off me once I've hatched them as females. Let me know if you want one and which one you want, assuming you have a preference. (Also, don't let this restrain you from doing your own plans, I'm not in charge any more. ❤️ This just came in mind based on the spreadsheet being compiled in the release thread.) Edit II: What would be neat to find out is whether a colour-changed Pyropellis stays colour-changed when breeding with a Pyropellis dragon of a different colour. That would make things a bit more streamlined for the lineage! Guess we'll only find out in about a week or so, though.
  19. Heads-up, everyone, with Tini's blessing, I am going to begin transitioning this project to them. My scroll is still (and always will be) available for this project (and temporary or non-temporary egg-holding for anyone in the project!), and I still have connections to Sethiss and rehchoortahn (who have never really been active on the forum, I guess!) and can help you reach them within about 24 hours, just as right now. What changes is that I won't be the go to person to coordinate the line any more and I won't maintain the docs (or only rarely - knowing me I'll still make changes occasionally, if I happen to see them first). Tini and I will figure out how to proceed with the thread logistics over the coming days. ❤️ Huge thanks to Tini for taking the reins!
  20. Yeah, I don't think it's an egg thing, either, but I'd be bummed if I didn't try some things and then it turned out later it was an egg thing after all. >_< Edit: Forgot to answer this earlier: With how subtle the Glystere variants are, I don't think it makes much sense to include them all, no. ❤️
  21. Sadly my EQing had no effect and when I tried for force-hatching all my attempt-eggs died, but yours is good news - glad we have a skittish pair, at least! Re: Volcanos, I have one incubated and one unincubated pair. You need to "force" the Shumoga dragons out of their eggs to get the darker coloured variant (the "skittish" hatchling). You can do that with Earthquake or with the "Kill" action, although former of course affects all eggs on your scroll, and latter has an even more terrible success rate than Earthquake. (Incubate sadly doesn't count, even though it does hasten hatching.)
  22. Does anyone have information about the potential variants of the Volcano eggs yet? Asking because I intend to use Earthquake on my scroll tomorrow (statistically I might get one surviving skittish critter, but no guarantees - I only have two eggs) and need to know whether I ought to temp-store all or only some of the Volcano eggs on someone else's scroll while I do.
  23. Aw! But no; I'd say go ahead and give it to purplehaze at this point. Thanks for staying on the ball!
  24. Thanks for the update! *sends Greater-Spotted-Drake vibes to the pair for next time*
  25. I had the same thought, but honestly, I think I'd like to give Screech an opportunity to join the main line fun. I had just edited that earlier post of mine with a name suggestion, btw! The twelve hour sleep seems to have fixed me up to about 95%! I had Moderna's vaccine, for what it's worth. 🤗