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  1. It'll make your eggs hatch faster, because they are getting delicious water. What are the 'forums'?
  2. I'm scared of losing people I've become attached to deciding to leave me. I'm also afraid of the dark.
  3. Person outside my window, why did you have a strobe light, especially when it was night time? I thought that I maybe had some hope for sleep, but no, you had to have a strobe light.
  4. Ah, today's surprise soup day, where you get a random soup that you didn't ask for! Waiter, there's a pun in my soup!
  5. Parents fighting again. Really need someone to talk to
  6. My stepmom might be kicked out... I am going with her if she is.
  7. I had a dream last night where I lived in a village. I left to travel and there were vines that looked like minecraft leaves. There were eggs on the vines, ant I really wanted to take the golden shimmer-scale. Then I was in a movie theater that was mostly an arcade, and I had to win games and rescue the Mane 6 from MLP, while hiding from the arcades owner. I managed to find Pinky Pie and win an oval shaped glittery spiky ball. The arcade owner started to catch up with me so I hid on the side of an unlit spiraling staircase. Then I heard a voice saying that he could see withering shapes. so I game up and said I was hiding here. Then I woke up.
  8. Yay. I just learned that my dad is monitoring my email by READING MY FREAKING EMAILS. Stuff that if private. Stuff that wasn't meant for anyone except for me and the person I'm emailing to see.
  9. Banned for having a santa hat despite it not being Christmas anymore.
  10. Banned for using the ban hammer to to ban someone using the ban hammer
  11. Banned for banning the person that banned me before I could ban them.
  12. I got pajamas, a sketch pad, a gift card, a blanket, and a flannel shirt.
  13. Banned for some obscure reason that I cannot think of right now.
  14. It snowed lightly last week for me. It used to snow a lot more.
  15. I use the code to make a name. First i take the code (down below is an example). 1lTir And then I say it out, and add letters until it makes (slight) sense. Onilatira