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  1. One I just got that I can't believe wasn't taken is Dantes Inferno that and Qui-Gon Jin
  2. Can't believe I got any version of M00N M00N but I did with a Bleeding Moon Dragon to which makes it all the more better
  3. Can't seem to hatch any males, or at least ones I need...
  4. Anybody like Norwegian Forest Cats in here? I've got a one, named Stray, that's a mix and my other cat is a short hair tabby, named Kiki, they're so cute but they don't really like eachother . I think it's really because Kiki is a male and Stray is a female that are both competing for the exact same territory.
  5. I, Starfrost740, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.