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  1. Ah, I guess it's based on perspective ^^" I been trying to breed a sibling to put on Departures, but even fertility yields no egg. Maybe I should wait a bit more next time for DoubleFertility! >:3
  2. Undine. https://dragcave.net/teleport/35601bf552a34...58a94bb3e360b7e
  3. Got the Undine! Gave it a temporary name, the code is kinda like spat + at + u; 3 in one lol Thanks! ^.^
  4. Thanks, I think I will try again once both halves of my colle are ready to breed.
  5. I tried to breed a wall of Purple Ridgewings, but I don't think it worked x.x
  6. 3g stair Blacktip with various silverish mates
  7. Just started my third page; Two adult dragons left until Gold Trophy!
  8. Anime figures! So much good stuff is coming out in 2017.
  9. I'll cuddle it 'till it grows up c: 2g Ultraviolet