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  1. Just bred this; picking up where I left off two years ago, I suppose! Been gone for that long and I've missed out on a lot and can't remember any of the lineages I was working on aside from this one. My wishlist link doesn't seem to be working either. Oh well, hopefully this gemshard comes out blue.
  2. Just saw a CB Gold for the first time ever in my entire life; of course I'm stuck on my awfully slow computer when this happens.
  3. It's a lot different, but in a really good way. Easy to control and get used to. Definitely the most different thing about it is the array of characters; a lot of them don't even use traditional guns. But yeah, it's definitely a different experience from most other FPS on the market.
  4. Accidentally falling off a ledge in Bloodborne and having to go all the way back to get your blood echoes...
  5. I have a lot of stuff. I don't really say that I "collect" them, but I have a lot of plushies and figures. And stuffed animals. I guess if there's anything I really collect, it's Pokemon related stuff--not anything hugely special, but I've got a decent amount. I recently got back into collecting the cards as well. I just have a lot of little neat things. Idk man.
  6. Wow it seems like there is barely anyone in this thread! 1/3 of my time on hiatus from here was spent playing Overwatch. Might be my GOTY if Sun/Moon or FFXV don't top it.
  7. Not really bad luck, but I've gotta catch up for all the new releases I've missed. I need that amazing Xenoblade reference dragon, but I'm sure caveborns of half of these breeds are super hard to come by right now :/ Edit: How did i misclick a Sunstone...? I definitely am rusty.
  8. Last night I had a dream that I decided to come back to dragcave after a several month hiatus (accurate to my situation now) and came to find that there was now a "Dragon Cave Plus" where you had to pay to use most of the features of the site. I was furious. Obviously that's not true, but the accurate part is that I'm here now. So hi everyone; it's been a few months
  9. Thanks MusicalMaladies for this unique and interesting Hellhorse!
  10. Bloodborne! It's amazing. Gonna play Overwatch as soon as we get a new router.
  11. A very cute lineage with a great code. Thanks so much breeder! I bet it looks very pretty at night.
  12. This Sunrise is beautiful, thank you breeder!
  13. The Arias have dimorphism?? Omg, I think they're definitely one of my favorite breeds now
  14. If you need an egg from that pair, I can help you out I only have one CB female Night Glory, but I can breed it with one of my new drakes for you.
  15. 2G Frill from Snow Angel, thanks breeder! This was a nice surprise.
  16. Man am I loving the AP right now. Not a single egg over 4 days! The only downside is that I'm already completely scroll locked with hatchies...this is dangerous for me, haha. Best addition to the site so far, imo
  17. That is a beautiful combination!
  18. Nice new dragons! The Tarantula Hawk Drake is my favorite.
  19. I was fighting the blue baby in The Binding of Isaac and only had one heart (in other words, if I got hit once I was dead) and I got so close to killing him but he teleported on top of me.....he teleported right on top of me, I'm still so mad...of all the thousands of pixels he could have teleported on it had to be right where I was standing.
  20. Here are all the ones I made (I did these a couple days ago, when the Arias were announced) (The Golds is one I'll never be able to do, but they look nice anyway) (This one's my favorite I think)
  21. Thanks to whoever dropped this beauty in the AP a while ago; I forgot to influence it but it still gendered right I don't like Nebulas much at all but this pair really stands out to me.
  22. Ooh, they look great with bronze Lunar Heralds! Never would have thought that combo up.
  23. Ooooh, I just realized that I can breed a mate for this guy now! Man do I have my plate filled with Aria breeding plans ;;