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  1. I played piano since I was 4 years old, I still play now. Most for fun, but i have guitar now too.
  2. as far as I know back, I am 100% Estonian. I do not think there's any other nationalities in my family. My grand parent used to tell me stories of their grand-parent and further back sometimes, and they have always been Estonian even through the Russian invades and the German invade in world war 2. I have proudness to be from Estonia.
  3. ah..why not..? 1. my in real name is Auli, which is Estonian short form of name "Aurelia" 2. my favorite color is blue, where my name is made from, as Sinine is a Estonian word for blue. 3. I wear a wig, because of a disorder called "Trichotillomania" which make me pull hair out. My real hair has a very light blond in color, but the wig I wear now is in blue hair. 4. I want to be a tattoo artist, but I do not think I am very good enough at art. Some things I am good to drawing, but others I am not. I am thinking to become a peircer instead. 5. I have some small tattoos, one of a water paint color butterfly, which is rainbow, one of a pine tree, one of a green mental health ribbon which I got to match with my fiance after some rough time in recent, one of some flying birds,and a music notes tattoo. 6. I play piano and have done playing piano since 4 years old. I also play guitar now. 7. I like thinking that my English has got a lot better in the past year or so. 8. Thanks to my fiance, I learned to skateboard back in beginning of this year. 9. I love to cook, and test with flavors often. 10. Trickseh is liar, she does not have the best fiance, I do and it is her so, there is some random fact about me.
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    My hair real color, is a very light blonde. (i am fitting of blonde hair blue eye stero type.) and is very short. I have a dissorder called Trichotillomania, which make me pull out my own hair. I do actualy wear a wig, it is blue - my favorite color. A few month ago, I would never of told people, but now I feel that it is ok, not to be shamed from and embarased.
  5. I do not wear very much makup, usually some dark eyeliner and lip gloss on most days. I do not often wear foundation, even though i am very pale (most shades are too dark for me any way). I draw my eyebrows on though, since they are a mess after I plucked them out a while ago because my Trichotillomania. - but at least I did not pull it all from my scalp, since I have managed to grow quite a lot of my hair back. =P
  6. Ei. No. Stop thinking that. Even as your Fiance I am not "obliged" (which I think is a word meaning forced to have to?) to tell you anything. If I have a bad thing to you to say, I will say it. Trust me. Do you not remember the argument when I found out of your drug problem? Yes, you made me feel very bad, bad for you, and myself because i felt bad for you, was going into depression, and pulling out my hair again, but we got past it all together. I am knowing of your problems, but none of them matter. If they did, I would not be with you still, and engaged to you, would I? The friends you have would of left, the ones who did leave you are just weak and cannot cope you - even at your best. You can not help your past, and what it "made" of you. I know the better you, and the better you is the more often seen. I do not think a monster would treat me as special as you do, and I do not think a monster would of saved a lost cat with no homes life, or be as patient as you are when you are making clothing and costume, and our headresses for our wedding, and all of that nice things. Monsters do not love their family as much as you do, either. The end. You are not a monster, and I really do not think many think you are. And to all others in this thread, I wish you all luck and hope and that things will get nicer for you all, as the person above this post says, you are all important and loved and you all matter. *hugs if you are want them*
  7. My kingcrownes did not gender correct. Hopeful I can pick up another, soon and it will gender as male. =P
  8. I just say that it might take a time for me to get the Trichotillomania pair. I have eggs, but they possible might not gender as wanted.
  9. My own fiance murder me. we played Console Minecraft Hunger Games with some friends and friends of friends.
  10. Not only men haha... but joke aside. I hate music that is about how people ..are proud.. (brag? idk the word) like they have drugs, money, and girls (though they use the "B" bad word in their songs). It is not nice >.< I know people who have had drug problem. It is not something nice to happen. And bragging(?) about how much money you have is not nice either...there are people in this world who do not have any... and girl are more than just "B word" too! unfortunate, there is a lot of music that is actually like that.
  11. I play guitar and harp. I do not own a harp now though. I wish i did. I am thinking I should get one again.
  12. i want to be a part of my future wifes line! I would like to obtain a Pride Egg Link To Scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/Sinine ~Please add me to the waiting list~ I would like an egg from you please Trickseh <3 Also have name for it already when i get it "Trinine Pride" as was our ship name I admit I am online lot less than Trickseh, but she will be able to let me know to go online to get egg when it is time.
  13. so kind As my fiance say, She makes me happy also. And I do love cooking, ever since being as a child. I like to test with food (Sorry..I know there is a word that makes more proper meaning, but i forgot the word... my English is a bit basic still) and make new things. I also like to dance. Even if i often look like strange person doing it I totally did not forget i had a account on this til when i asked Trickseh what she was doing and thinking it looked interest and then found out I had this so good work haha...
  14. Broad. because i can not make a word other than that out of that. sorry. haha.
  15. peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers wow. o.o I did not think that to work out so well. next: Fighting Fish Forget Why They Are Fighting
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    A-Z Girl Names

    My name is Auli <3 anywayy... Brigit
  17. https://dragcave.net/lineage/vc6Kl https://dragcave.net/lineage/Rg5vI Thankyou, Hepsalgon!
  18. They are healthy and are good for you. And if you like cooking, there is a lot you can do with them and a lot of tasty things to make. what's not to love about vegetable?