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  1. Oh boy, nice that there are still a bunch to look forward to if I manage to get this year's done before it ends Thanks for the info. edit: Just found an earlier post saying 2010 is the first one; that's a LOT to collect - despite me being on since I think around that time, I didn't play it much and didn't know about events lol
  2. I'm really glad these are going on for an extended time; I am so busy this year and had it not been extended, I would have definitely missed most of them. Have 42 so far How far back do the previous years go? I have all from 2016 onward. Anyway, I hope future Easters get a long catch time like this from now on. And the Digimon ones are always cool; they're the few I ever get the reference for lol
  3. Really happy that text-based adventures are back, with a dash of magic crafting thrown in Look forward to see how these year's dragons look. But when I was messing around with the first spell, the tutorial box covers some of the draggable things, so I can't edit the one amount I have, since it is behind the box. 😕 Edit: You can just unselect elements to reset their position, at least.
  4. Nice, just in time for my birthday! Will have to try for them later once I am no longer egglocked.
  5. That feeling when you spend a bit of time on decorating a cookie and then you decide to buy sprinkles and it didn't save your work - salt in the wound being that the purchase thing was aligned with the image different than I thought and I ended up buying the wrong color 😕 And the mouse lag makes it hard to decorate; but it's a cute little activity, regardless. ^^ Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas! ~
  6. Now that is nice; thank you! I just didn't have the time to sink into doing it, and just been busy with moving and cleaning. Very kind of you to do this I was honestly resigned to not getting the badge this year, though I did do some of the event.
  7. Oh man, that's hilarious that I never noticed it still kicking around - sneaky thing; learn something new every day I remember trying to purge it from my 7 before to no avail, either.
  8. I was more just saying I didn't even know it was still around. And I hate Edge and never use it, but it's stuck on my win10 and nothing I can do to remove it without digging around in the registry, and even that doesn't really work well. 😕 I used to use Opera as my main, but after it got bought up by another company, I switched to Vivaldi, which is simply a fork of Opera and I like it way more - so much more customization. ANYWAY (sorry for the tangent), not sure if other people are having an issue starting over - might be on the server's end. I'll see about trying to get the game finished up
  9. lol does IE even work these days; I thought it was replaced by Edge? I feel silly and captain obvious asking this, but did you try to clear your cache?
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it; just shows that I'm really boring right now, then I know a bit of it is due to moving, which is making me feel a bit stressed and impatient. As I said before, I just don't think it's my kind of thing; I should definitely retract the part about age, though. How long did it take to finish the game? I'm just afraid it's gonna be this little time sink and take a bunch of hours I don't have. And sorry that it's acting up and won't let you have another go (I use Vivaldi and haven't had any issues with it, but this is my first go) - I did always enjoy replaying t
  11. Man, I usually like the Halloween events (always liked text-based adventures), but I just find this year's game an annoying hassle. I feel too old for it, or something; the whole thing feels a little juvenile and jokey - or more likely I'm just that much of a fogey. Either way, I don't think I'm gonna bother getting this year's badge if I have to finish this (in the middle of moving right now and don't have the time to waste trying to figure out where to go and what to do) - I just don't find this game fun at all. (not saying it's not well made or anything like that, just not a style I person
  12. How do you get the Staterae ones? I haven't seen them around in the caves. Hope they're not some exclusive nonsense that was around during specific hours that I missed or some garbage like that. ↓ So they're gonna be like golds? Glad they're not missable, though it means I will never get one with my pingy internet, but hopefully they show up in the shop at some point - saved up a ton of shards I have never spent as of yet. Anyway, of the rest, I really love the yellow, teal, and orange ones. The Pharos is so good - love those horns and the shards around them.
  13. Aw, my internet has been down all day because it's been storming so hard; now I can't seem to find any new ones at all, since the olds have completely mixed in. I really wish releases were given a full 24 hours. Of course I had to miss a rare.
  14. So glad the drops are still going without mixing; I was able to grab at least 1 of each for the CBs, and I was luckily able to get 1 each of the hybrids. I used my last slot to grab another "This shimmering egg was hidden far from the others"; that one's egg looks so cool, and that hatchling seems rather odd, which I love - so looking forward to the adult! Anyway, happy birthday, DC!
  15. I totally forgot about DC's birthday; glad I have egg space XD Anyway, love that checkered one! I hope the eggs are actually grabbable for a decent amount of time today / old ones don't filter in until after 24hrs - ever since more people have been at home, it seems like it's way more difficult to grab new eggs. :/ Anyway, can't wait to see how they all look when hatched ^^
  16. Wow, both adults are simply gorgeous! ~ These are some of the best we've gotten in a while; such smooth sprite work. And I wonder what all of the color variants are for the stratos; I just assumed it was gonna be that orange color, since it happened to match the egg, but I hope there are some nice soft blues in the morning.
  17. The eggs and hatchlings are simply gorgeous, especially the icy ones, but the aquatic-looking ones are so cute! But man, why are these still so hard to grab so late in the day? Really hoping to get 4 of each before they start mixing :/ The only ones I managed to grab were from the start of the drop. They're usually much easier to acquire by now. FINALLY
  18. Anticipating grabbing my two - those eggs are gorgeous (wish we could freeze them); hope to get mine before I head to bed. And gonna pick the most troublesome answers that I can for the event story. Already liking this event way more than last year's, which I intentionally skipped besides just getting the badge for starting it.
  19. Totally forgot about this event. I hope it is something more like the flower sending; I didn't like last year's event at all and just poked my head in for it to get the badge Time to quickly breed my event dragons.
  20. I finally just managed to grab the rest of each to lock, and I started trying when they first rolled out at midnight; definitely the hardest release in quite a while. Both surprised and quite pleased that the eggs are still showing up (with few mixing) this late into the release, so thank you for that. I was expecting to try to catch some and not find any.
  21. Hatchlings look really cute But ugh why are these so incredibly hard to catch? I only have 2 of the one and none of the other :/ Edit: FINALLY got them; this has to have been the hardest release to catch for since I can recall; between the bad weather on my end and most people being late and getting them at different hours than usual.
  22. Glad I saved space; was expecting this. Can't wait to grab them and see how they hatch! However, they seem impossible for me to catch right now, so I might just try to grab them later in the morning.
  23. The adults look really cool; the shading is so smooth on them, wonderful work on that Anyway, love the description and design for them.
  24. I know, right? I so hope we get something that plays off of those tropes, as that would be amazing! and I also hope it isn't a western.