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  1. A user who has lo y s of dragons Why can't I have more eggs at a time?
  2. Hi there.... I've always wanted a cheese,and thanks to PrincessLucy,I now have one to study with.I have actually noticed this: Cheeses and Black Dragons seems close.My Black female took in the cheese hatchie quickly,and is still very protective of it.The only other dragons she lets near are other Blacks.Perhaps this is a natural thing that they do in the wild? Anyway,I'm Math3 and I am working towards my Bronze trophy.Most the time I'm egg locked,and hatchie locked.I can't wait to meet you all!
  3. Enroll Me At CO ScrollNameMath3 FourmNameMath3 How many Cheeses do you own?1,but I want more! Will you give free cheese eggs to people who want them?Of course if I have some! Are you ok with made-up research?What's the fun in Real research? Special WordCheezzy
  5. Was I supposed to take that?Thanks!
  6. Because they loved their family so much Why do my eggs die
  7. Because the hatchlings have a grudge and want to kill them. Why are my dragons not breeding
  8. Math3


    Tell me when they open it up again guy s.
  9. I have a non-alt sweetling with some in its lineage.....Does that count as an Alt here? http://dragcave.net/lineage/mAG1F
  10. I just got this when I was looking for bite fodder! http://dragcave.net/lineage/2YN6F ThAnk you breeder!
  11. HEY YOU THERE Hello http://dragcave.net/user/Math3
  12. Oh Deer,your in Trouble. http://dragcave.net/user/Math3
  13. I go back to Howrse.Everything else I'm inactive......except Dragon Cave!
  14. I made this because I kept seeing dead hatchies,abandoned,or released BD.I needed to take action......so I made this. SUPPLIERS: Math3(me)
  15. I've noticed that Black Dragons end up being abandoned quite a bit cause they are not alts...So I've decided to make something: What we do: When you trade us the hatching that is not a alt,we give you an BD egg.Example: You give one of us a non alt hatchling, We give you back an egg. Simple as that.Instead of having those non alt BDs spamming your scroll,and then having to find another egg,come here!I will be accepting people who want to be the suppliers.To apply,ask here the number of hatching you give and the eggs we give.you.Than one of us will accept,breed/obtain your egg/s and you send the trade. Bye and thanks for visiting!!