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  1. Current thought: Why am I still awake, especially so on my computer, when I have a migraine..
  2. VAMPIRE'S DON'T SPARKLE erm.. >.>
  3. Mulgipuder. (yes it's a food, it's (mainly) a side dish in my native Estonia, made from mashed potato and barley. I don't like it, but it does exist i promise xD)
  4. Eurus Holmes (BBC's Sherlock)
  5. Quoth The Dragon - Nevermore (perfect code for that name right?)
  6. Minu emakeel on eesti keel~ That means, my native language is Estonian. However, I speak English pretty much fluently, and also speak some Finnish (language is similar to Estonian in some ways), some Korean, some German, and some Russian (though not well anymore, I had to learn it in school, and it is second most spoken language in Estonia)
  7. Never Put The Milk In First but really, don't. >.>
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to put this but: Hi, it's me, formerly known as Trickseh, and the person who once attempted to begin the LGBT support lineage. It's been a few years since I've been around, and as a result, the lineage has pretty much ceased to exist.I am very sorry that this happened. I just never had the time to keep it up. I would, however, be overjoyed to somehow bring it back, however, I don't think I am capable of running it. I would be glad to provide eggs from my first generation, if messaged about it though. So, if ano
  9. Because it's a picture of me and my wife that someone drew/painted for me. ❤️
  10. Sorry, it was in my sig, but turns out the cat was too big and thus blocks it out because it's too large, even though when I previewed it it seemed fine. My bad. I'll go fix it, but in the meantime, here's a link
  11. "WHICH KID? I'VE GOT A GAZILLION KIDS" (zeus grants stupid wishes is a hilarious insight into history/mythology for those curious :P)
  12. *sneezes from the floofy feathers* *drops pixie dust on the person below*
  13. OH YEAH MR KRABSS because as soon as I read it the "oh yeah mr krabs" remix of that ponponpon song popped into my head. ughhh..
  14. So, this is dead and I'm so sorry. Things got hectic around that time, with wedding plans (I'm marriieeedd) and other irl stuff, and if I'm being brutally honest, I'm still not sure if I am able to keep it up. all the time these days. If for now, anyone has 2g's they want to breed and share the eggs to those in the list, please feel free, because at the moment, I'm not really able to focus on the lineage as much, as well as with the ideas I may have for new dragons.. But never forget, even if this lineage ends up dying (which it almost is, and I'm sorry) don't let the love and
  15. Feel free to breed eggs and other them to others, who aren't fussy on what gen they get And again, I'm sorry this has been taking a long time recently, I've been very busy irl with moving house and planning for my wedding which is creeping up and very soon. Anyway, I've sent out the next pride egg to Jazzi, (who had specifically wanted a 2g) and added amthystfire to the waitlist. :3
  16. Batman Reference Goes Here well... it's kinda obvious
  17. kyleedj got their egg, I'm assuming since the egg has gone. :3 Just a reminder though, if people are sending and recieving eggs, can it be posted here when eggs are recieved. Thanks! anyway, new egg bred and sent to Jazzi, aka next on the list.
  18. I just had a banoffee pie. where the heck was the banana ;-;
  19. So, it's been a while, but I think I've figured out my gender identity, for the most part. I myself, am not technically the same person I was when I previously posted. (Since with the dissociation, the old "ANP" is now gone, and I am the ANP now) I think, personally, as "Sirje" I mostly identify with female, and use female pronouns, though some days, I do feel more masculine. So I think I may be perhaps genderfluid in some way. Even now I don't like my gender to be automatically assumed, I prefer people to ask wether they should call me female or not =P I think I may always be