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  1. I have 21 items - definitely pondering what I could have missed!
  2. Sending last minute cards - this was so fun!
  3. Sending out on this page - I'd be glad to receive any in return <3
  4. Have: 3G Sweetling x Marrow with Spriters Alt & Alt Base (lineage) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want: 3G Spriters Alt lineage swap
  5. Than you TJ for the Holiday biome!! I've been playing since 2008 but I missed the first several years of holidays for various reasons - so I am so stoked to be able to get CBs again! I have just caught up on catching all the ones I was missing, horray! Wishing everyone else the same success
  6. Thank you!! I forgot about this! Tried it at the 5-minute drop and got a Ribbon Dancer - yay! Will keep at it.
  7. Oh man, these holiday eggs are tough to get! I thought the limits would help but I had a much easier time at Halloween actually. I missed Holly, Yulebuck, Snow Angel, and Ribbon Dancer, so that's my goal... hopefully will be able to nab them as the week goes on
  8. Found this beautiful Caligene while perusing the AP - thanks Cygnis!! https://dragcave.net/lineage/OnEbU
  9. Have: CB Desipis Hatchling Want appropriately influenced Hatchling or incuhatchable egg: 2G Witchlight x Brute or Spinal (purple) 2G Grave (f) x Spessartine (m) 2G Caligene (f) x Dark Lumina (m) 3G Caligene (m) x Almandine (f) checker 3G Caligene (m) x Bronze Lunar (f) checker 3G Caligene (m) x Swallowtail (f) checker Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. Have: 3G Marrow x Sweetling with alt & spriters alt base Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want: Swap for another 3G checker with spriters alt
  11. That's so cool! Thanks for sharing the baskets! I normally wait to breed all my checkers on Halloween night, but this year I'm worried they might die behind the AP wall... so I may just breed most of them tomorrow instead. I'm personally torn about collecting CBs or working on my lineages. I did get the Pumpkin pair and male Marrow CBs that were imperative... I'd love some more of each but I have soooo many breeding projects going too. I'll for sure be hoarding from the AP next week after my newbies hatch, trying to find 2nd, 3rd and 4th gens to mate with mine.
  12. I've been enjoying collecting the treats and looking through my basket to the prior years. I love the dividing banners too! Does anybody have all the treats from all the years? I'd love to see your basket!
  13. Have: CB Desipis Traded! Thanks! CB Caligene (Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!) Want: CB Marrow 2G Male Marrow x Female Brute 2G Male Witchlight x Female Green Firegem 2G Male Witchlight x Female Hellfire 2G Witchlight x Brute (either pairing)
  14. This is amazing!! Thank you TJ & artists & everyone involved!! I am SO excited for the old Halloween biome. I missed the Pumpkin year (the only CBs I didn't have) and also since the Marrows were before influencing, I had only ended up with one male - so I'm so excited to get more CB Marrows too! It's going to be hard to also fit in all my breeding plans - but so worth it. I'm hoping it comes back for Christmas and Valentines too - in those cases I'm missing quite a few of the older CBs.
  15. It was so hard to choose - I picked shadow walker, which is ironically my least favorite Halloween dragon, but the hatchling was so cute and seemed like the best blank slate for dressing up.
  16. *throws planning spreadsheet out window* - OMG CBs?! This changes everything!
  17. I am in! I try to do this every year and I’ve been lucky to catch some extras too.
  18. I’m so pumped!!! DC Halloween is one of the highlights of my year, haha. The haunted house is still my favorite of the events. I enjoy going through it every year. I finished my planning spreadsheet so I’m ready - although it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with my breeding goals with sooooo many to do! Plus I love hunting the AP, so I need slots for that... thank goodness for the 8th egg slot.
  19. This was super fun! Thank you sock for organizing!! Apparently I didn't post much, but I did breed at least a few pairs every day. Count me in! Forum Username: Polarvortex Proof of breeding: red pairs - post Prizes: 1,2,4,7,8
  20. Summoned a female today! So that's 2 males and 1 female so far for me
  21. This is so fun!! I can't wait to AP hunt. CODE Count me in! Username: PolarVortex Proof of breeding: Actions Cuz Ya! : https://dragcave.net/lineage/cUzYa Also found a new favorite pairing for my holiday projects <3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/LvcLx
  22. What are CB Almandines and Spessartines going for these days?
  23. Support! This is a group I want to have, but I can't see doing it manually any time soon
  24. Im in! I love reds! I have 79 but I definitely wouldn't say no to more! It's enough to stay incubating under normal circumstances, but in a low time AP if you're hatching and trading you might need more... I think I almost ran out once... Halloween maybe?