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  1. Have: 2 CB Arsani caught on Valentine's Day Want: Any good 2 CB
  2. Have: 2 CB Arsani caught on Valentine's Day Want: 2 CB Soulstones caught on Valentine's Day
  3. Am I allowed to get both badges? Or am I stuck with only the first one I chose?
  4. I wish we could breed the nexus with the Cassare. It would look so cool!
  5. Wait isn't that the same for the horse dragons?
  6. What is the frill dragon description and where can I find it?
  7. @AGYK ok I was a bit scared that I wouldn't be able to collect all the types.
  8. Why does tj09 have four of one kind of egg? Is there four different adult sprites?
  9. Wait so how many dragons are technically being released? And what are their descriptions is I know what to click?
  10. I really hope it's nothing big or any rare releases. I have to travel 20-22
  11. They are perfect for April fools day.
  12. Also does anyone else think that their face shape is similar to The Mask's?
  13. To me, the chins don't look like the stereotypical dragon. But since all creatures are different, I like the mixup in it.
  14. They're like year round shadow walkers!
  15. Exactly 24 hours from now. Edit: Though it might be 10 minutes earlier...
  16. I was able to abandon an egg. Don't know about hatchlings yet though.
  17. @Eos I did it and only one died. I abandoned one and got a silver lunar herald! So I'm happy with my actions. But I highly doubt I'll ever do it again...
  18. I can't believe it. I just missed a pink pyralspite and a copper because I was egg locked with these new releases! I'm very tempted to try and hatch them all with my green dragon. Does anyone think I should?
  19. I just went to the wikia and this is what it said about this day: "No new dragon has ever been released on this holiday and it is highly unlikely there ever will be one, however fake releases are a recurring theme." Now I'm really worried since I abandoned some eggs that I was really looking for...
  20. I wonder if this will be some type of glass dragon?
  21. I can't get any. I know they drop every 5 minutes but is there a strategy or something? I really want these.
  22. I don't know where to find the topic but can anyone tell my why I can't access the site? Never mind it fixed itself.
  23. Is it possibly to get all 60?
  24. @Lurhstaap They're probably called sapphires instead of corundum she cause more people would know what a sapphire is more than corundum. And why does tj09 have two females?
  25. Why does tj09 have two females?