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  1. Wooo! Happy 10th birthday Dragon Cave!
  2. Does anyone have an idea about the length of Striped Rivers and the height of Whiptails? I don't think Vines and Sunrise/sets are on there either. I'm not criticizing just trying to see if anyone has ideas for what I'm imagining. With Whiptails you'd think they'd be small and fast but not like drake size. I have no ideas for the rest
  3. Black Tea, Tri Horn, White and a Split. Abandoned the Tea and the White but still have the others. The Tri Horn is my oldest dragon.
  4. Hmmm... Maybe a Vine or a Striped River. Maybe even a black because I'm a donkey butt to people sometimes a lot
  5. Almadine Almadine or Alt. Black?
  6. And I made this in the wrong section so I'll just move it and here I'll ask Does anyone like some of the original sprites better than the current ones?
  7. So apparently when Magelights sense a flammable gas they stick their tails in their mouths to put out their flame. This one needs some critiquing Random Daydream thing I did for a friend I need to put more on here so give me suggestions please
  8. I was trading a 3g shimmer and I accidentally accepted a lunar herald instead of a 3g gold..
  9. They used the paper dragon's special bsa to make art they can exchange for eggs. How do I get a prize dragon from the wild? I see a ton of them on the hidden page for the wild...
  10. KarrotKake

    Z Project

    Grabbed this one to be my second Z I'll enter in the project. Many more to come ^u^ https://dragcave.net/lineage/zL6pi NAME: Z' Lightning Noodle GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Abandoned Page LINEAGE: Hreitha x Mibitav - (Mageia x Astrapi)
  11. Goose! Put: ~i am the holy master of moose~
  12. Goose! Put: ~I am the holy master of moose~