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  1. I came back just in time for Halloween. Must breed reds...
  2. So, this is not really an emotional support really, but i've finally come back. I used to chat in private with some people of this forum, which helped me a lot, but in june i went to hospital for a bad infection caused to my... ow, can't remember how do you say in english when you give birth to a Child. Meanwhile, we had some bad economic problem, cause both me and my husband were without a job. Now he found one, and we have to pay a lot of Bills. A Lot! But really, and i know it may sound stupid, i'm really happy to be able to come here again!
  3. Ok, let's try this: 1.My real name is Giada, which in English can be translated as Jade 2. I'm deaf from one ear (right one), probably cause a bad Obstetrician when I was born. 3. I used to find a new home to stray cats and dogs. I've given a new home to something like 200 animals 4. I wish I was born in London because I'm in love with that city. 5. I have a baby of 10 months old. 6. I read Lord of The Rings when I was eight years old in just two days. 7. I suffer from Sleep paralysis. 8. I'm 33 years old but I don't have a driver license 9. I watc
  4. Ahh, my son is asleep finally and I've managed to catch something but not frills. Egglocked now, thank youuu agaiiin!
  5. Slow connection and my little son is sick, so unfortunately I don't have much time to hunt.. Hopefully I'll be able to catch some in the next days 😞 (or someone help me) 😋 By the way, Happy birthday Dc, and thanks TJ!
  6. Thanks to both For your explanation!
  7. I'm in love with this catch in the AP! I'm Holly Shiny! Question: This type of lineage is called stair o checker? I really need to study lineages.
  8. Caught a Copper. Cb. Copper. Wanna cry with joy!
  9. Just killed an egg with bite. I wanted to influence it. Don't ask me how i could POSSIBLY did that mistake.
  10. So, i keep feeling completely stupid about trades. I'm always so unsure about what something worths or not, and i'm always afraid that i'm asking too much, (And i like to be fair on those things, even on a game). Anyway, i have a Blue Dino, a Chicken, and a Ice Hatchling, what should i ask? I asked for a CB spessartine, a generic "good offers please), and a 2/3 gen of a rare. Is it too much? What i should add or delete? Yes, in this cases i feel a newbie
  11. In desperate need of a couple of incubation, and my Reds are all on cooldown -.-
  12. First attempt of breeding an Almandine for a dear friend. I got this: Alt Baby
  13. My trades never get an offer 😒 it's a combination of.. Bad luck and what? 😃
  14. Little less than 20 dragons left to get a Silver Trophy! (And i managed to catch a Red Dino, an Almandine and tewo lunar herald, all Cb!) Now i'm locked, but really happily locked
  15. Missed not one, not two, but THREE Almandine. Gods of Dragons Help me!!
  16. Little question: a CB Thunder Egg is Rare, right? And what could i ask in a trade? (Just caught one)
  17. Got a leetle tree! And My first pyrope! Hunting continues, I feel lucky today 😁
  18. I don't have so many avatars but I can try to breed mine or catch someone.. But if someone wants to gift me one of these I'll be glad to accept it (but I'll be egglocked for the next 4 hours) I have a GoN, I'll try to summon again and hope! Count me in, and I'd like a reminder 😉
  19. I'm new (newbie ) here, but i'm not new on forums in general (i've been an admin of an italian Harry potter Forum years and years ago). I played also games like Gunbound (hope someone knows what i'm talking about), and i'm used to the word noob or newbie (i wasn't that good). Yes, they have to different meanings, but i have to say that on this forum i've only "encountered" very nice and kind people, and i've been helped a lot (even on my grammar: i'm not native english, i speak italian, my english is not bad but it's definetely not perfect. I've received correction in a very nice w
  20. Managed to take my fourth egg! Wasn't easy, phew. I have another slot actually, but four eggs is okay for me
  21. I can't manage to grab just another one -.- My husband gifted me his two, and he's trying to take aother one for me, but no luck!
  22. My husband got two, me only one of them. Scroll locked, umpf. I'll need to promise him anything to get HIS TWO eggs as soon I can 😒