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Mind your fingers!!I accept and honor IOU'S  Thanks for all the incubation help! I also breed on request. See profile for more info!

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    Writing FF, movies, music.

    I'll breed for free, still working on my own Dragons, but if you are a newbie, or i have something that do interest you, feel free to PM me and ask (politely). Keep in mind that i'm usually egglocked, but if you don't mind to wait a little, go on! ;)

    My *newbie* wishlist (Will Change)

    Striped Dragon, any color, they are my favourite dragons just after Nebulas and Daydreams.

    If you got any unwanted Nebula i'll happily give them an home.

    Male Vampire (Hatchling, obviously)


    Neglected (i'll never have the nerve to try myself to get one. And having a baby, my scroll would become soon a cemetery)

    First language: Italian, but i do speak almost fluent english. (And i like to receive correction, to improve myself)

    PM Friendly. I don't bite.

    My husband plays DC too. Same Ip, please don't burn us.