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  1. Ok so, I failed. It was not a three, and It was not on the bottom most level, oh well, but Im starting to get the hang of it, and I got a new one, but Im stumped on the last ones..
  2. I'm no good at these kinds of games, can someone help me?
  3. Hmm, I almost feel like it looks too real. If you look at the dragons incave, they have a slightly cartoon look to then. Maybe dull down the shading? Other than that good job.
  4. It could be for having a male and female chicken and having them breed maybe?
  5. I got a warn once for 'mini-modding' on a dragon request that had used the same sprites as another. I freaked out because I thought everyone could see my warn, so I didn't post for a month. That's it, and of course the usual "hey look at this pillow I found, I'll name her penelope mcfluffy" in my introduce yourself thread and getting red text saying no eggspam.
  6. Pretty ~ http://dragcave.net/lineage/09B1H
  7. I agree. I'm on some other forums on other games and the mods really don't mind what the discussion turns into. I think this is good because it let's people express themselves, rather than being stuck to one lane. Oh, can we also get the option to like posts? A lot of other forums have it.
  8. yes I am probably shouldn't do that. Sorry
  9. Um, no? abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz N comes before o.
  10. Falling... Falling... Spirits of light began to surround him. Furistreak was falling for what felt like ages. The spirits began to get so thick Furi could only see a bight yellow light. He landed with a small thud. Furistreak looked around frantically. "Mother!" he called. "Mother! I've made it!" the world was bright around him. He was sitting down on top of glass floor in the sky. he looked down. Only pinkish-blue clouds could be seen. "Hello, my child." said a voice from behind. Furistreak turned around. He got up and ran to his mother, ready to embrace her. But when he put his arms around
  11. I'd like to be removed from a List! Forum ID: American-Dragons (Is this right?) List to be removed from: Almadine, Spessartine, Blusang, Green Copper
  12. Lol not to be mean but if you don't like kissing why post in this thread? Maybe on the nose, dragons are nice.
  13. Furistreak lay in his cotton sleeping bag under the stars. The city lights glared off in the distance. The sun began to rise, giving the land a golden-pink glow. "And another day of searching begins." He mumbled to himself. He rose, and looked around. The fire was now ashes. The sound of a gurgling stream could be heard faintly in the distance. Golden horns flashed in the grainfield ahead. The deer bounded off, back into the safety of the forest. Furistreak looked at his map. It showed the edge of the forest. All the way from a place marked 'Opale Noir ' and then 'City' at the bottom. Furist
  14. Ooh UB-2 Definitley looks like Lusamine. AND OMG EDIT: At 1:35 it's Lillie!!
  15. False, aint nobody got time fo dat tpbm is awesome (atleast I think so)
  16. https://dogdogcatblog.files.wordpress.com/2...urger-shoes.jpg
  17. hey whats up guys its scarce here. oh wow i did it type A goat glided over goat galore, which happens to be a place where goats communicate.
  18. American-Dragons 42 (it's considered sacred in new Zealand ) Nope Thank you for the raffle! I wish everyone the best of luck
  19. Owen Growing Violets HqetgoPwroHlog