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  1. I put one of the normal transparent eggs in an image editor and made it completely opaque, then compared it to the dark stage 2 egg. The colors are still certainly different, so it doesn't seem like a transparency issue. It seems that the dark egg uses the same color as the shadow of the baby dragon in the normal ones. My guess is that they're accidentally using an older version of the egg sprite?
  2. 35 eggs, barely more than halfway through!
  3. But I did collect a few from previous years! ...I think? I'm not sure actually. Well, shame I can't see the banner.
  4. I've got four eggs, I don't see any banner in the easter page. Am I missing something? Am I being an idiot?
  5. Where's/what's the banner? I don't see any sort of banner anywhere!
  6. Woah, wondered why there was an egg there. Almost forgot it was Easter! Thanks!
  7. Shiny! I abandoned two eggs so I could catch these, does anyone know when they'll start appearing again?
  8. Woah, didn't notice this. I'm egglocked at the moment though
  9. Your art is amazing! Could you combine as many dragons as you can into one?
  10. Absolutely awful. I've got a fever
  11. I recently realized that I wanted to join a Dragon Cave themed roleplay. Where should I begin? Are there any roleplays where I can simply play as the dragons on my scroll and their owner, 'Narotiza?'
  12. Strangely enough, I don't have a fear of spiders. I might jump a bit when I see a particularly big one in a strange place, but mostly I'll just leave them alone or move them elsewhere with a tissue. One of my biggest fears is being buried alive. Like, waking up in a coffin underneath the earth. It'd be really, really claustrophobic, you could barely move, and you'd slowly die of starvation and thirst. It'd be a slow, uncomfortable, lonely death.
  13. If you click on the ABP icon on the upper left corner of the screen, there should be a "block element" button which lets you block specific ads. (or other parts of the site)
  14. Oops! Sorry, I forgot to check the thread. I'll start working on it soon EDIT: littleblackdog's signature completed!
  15. Look around the castle a bit more cautiously.
  16. Look around. See if anyone else is there.
  17. Main Post >March 7 Myst Lineage: Myst Age and Mechanical Age bred an egg which gendered correctly; Relto Age. I'm hoping that This egg will eventually be a mate for Stoneship Age. (hopefully I'm not messing up. I can only do one update per page, right?) >March 13 Myst Lineage: Stoneship Age successfully bred with Selenitic Age (S03Nc) to produce eINeG. >March 21 Myst Lineage: eINeG bred with Relto Age and produced NUhDt. Renamed eINeG to "Teledahn Age" >April 16... O.O Myst Lineage: Channelwood Age successfully bred with D'ni Age, this egg was produced.
  18. So I'm working on a fansite right now (not a clicksite, more of a story-thing) and want to tell people about it so they know about it. But it's probably going to be ages before it's finished! I'd like to know a couple of things. First of all, if it were finished, could I put it in the fansites section? Again, it's not a clicksite, but a text-based adventure, basically. Second of all, how would I tell people before it's finished? I'm afraid that an empty post for a thing that doesn't exist yet might be considered spam.