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  1. Love your portrait Mewtie ❤️ Can't say this enough. Our intention was mostly to make the legs and wings not blend in with everything else. I think we were successful 'u'
  2. For the Glowbacks, Mewtie and I only did the art so there's not much to say other than the fact that the OP of the Glowbacks did write some encyclopedia info. 'u' Perhaps @ShadowAzure might come around and share some concept info?
  3. And there's the male pygmy adult! 'u'
  4. The pygmies are supposed to have descriptions. I'm not sure if the change is intentional; neither Mewtie nor I have requested it to be removed.
  5. Adult in 14 hours! Time to start up my hype engine. 'w'
  6. One of them grew up. Looks like you got your wish!
  7. I misclicked one egg so I'm waiting on it to finally be off cooldown so I can grab another one of the purple noodles. Eee, the wait..
  8. The vremya is so cute!
  9. I think the best idea so far is the id number. If our scroll numbers are visible there would be no need for a 'see previous username' function. Introduce the visible scroll number feature first so people have time to save the scroll numbers of people they want to avoid on their notepads, then enable username changing. It's a compromise between people who really don't want to show their previous name(s) and people who need to identify others.
  10. 👍 Since a new thread for relaxing description rules will be made, I will be closing this. If you don't think relaxing the rules would speed things up, you can express your disagreement in the new thread and start discussing. If you want to continue the discussion specifically about whether or not the rules stifle creativity, contact me and I'll move the reopened thread to Site Discussions.
  11. @Fuzzbucket I was under the assumption that this thread would discuss all aspects of pros and cons in relaxing description rules when I banned the subject in the other thread. If the topic is focused only on whether or not the rules stifle creativity, it's more fit for Site Discussion. There's someone else who wants to create a new thread on relaxing/removing description rules for a faster/more efficient queue, where potentially whether or not the rules should go and whether or not it would help the queue could be discussed. Perhaps the suggestion can be continued there instead?
  12.  I believe that lore sets guidelines and boundaries that makes a certain setting a single, connected universe. Creativity in making a character for a set breed/race in a set universe works by fleshing out details based on the information you have of the world and thinking through how what you'd envisioned for the character would work with the rules in place. Creativity is only 'stifled' in the same way the Lion King universe would 'stifle' an idea about a intergalactic, super-advanced cyborg alien - too much freedom only make things look out of place and ends up hurting the unity of the universe.  I am aware some people don't care about adhering to the lore, but I do think it matters; that's just something we'll have to agree to disagree on. Aside from the early-on joke breeds and temporary events, the site is consistent with its lore everywhere, from the dragonopedia to the lore section to the dragon's page. Lore-breaking descriptions would damage the immersion that I like about DC. On the other hand, creative descriptions that also fit well into lore embellishes the experience. This is especially more so because the user descriptions are placed right below the official lore of the breed and dragons in general.
  13. Please continue discussion under the presupposition that lore-breaking descriptions(ex: sci-fi, modern setting, inserting other fandoms' lore) are in the same category as spam/inappropriate content/everything else that is against the rules in terms of needing to be reported/rejected/moderated, not regarding the level of severity. I also ask that people be civil when discussing. Throwing accusations at each other is not constructive. I agree with the option of selecting description moderators, similar in function to RP moderators.
  14. I badly want Wolf Link to make a reappearance. My last AC game was Wild World so I missed out. They're saying it's likely to support amiibo figures and cards so I'm holding out hope.
  15. Come and enjoy the explosion of the general section!
  16. Edited the title since they announced the game's title. The delay to 3.20.2020 is a bummer, but I'm excited by all of the new footage. Animals can wear sleeved clothes and dresses now!
  17. Having 'offers' as a want is not something that needs to be reported.
  18. Check out the 6.5 Sw/Sh direct guys!! The legendaries are here!!!
  19. Yay for more winners!
  20. Closing per request of the OP. Please look at individual BSA suggestion threads to continue discussion.
  21. Ooo, such pretty lineages! Can someone try Lihnseyre x Aeria?