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  1. Team Pharos! Warriors of Light let's go! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  2. While this has given the benefit of giving people pause to think about what they're doing, it was most likely put in place as a layer of protection in case someone else decided to mess with your BSAs on a device you hadn't logged out of, especially for public devices. For this reason I don't see it completely going away. I am in support of an option to disable it. It does get rather bothersome if you're using multiple BSAs at once.
  3. Support. I see my reasons have already been stated by others here from just looking at the recent posts. Don't know if others have suggested this already, but perhaps the view/n/ can change to a page showing a list of all dragons with that name, like now the 'view offsprings' page is. Then people can still look at dragons with that name and know how common/unique it is.
  4. It's actually spaghetti, we didn't have time to wipe his snout before he got called away to present himself for release. Shhh don't embarrass him
  5. Small notice here, the non-pygmy is actually Mewtie and mine. Seems there was a mix-up with the credits, haha. Pygmy is indeed Infinis'.
  6. Thought there might have been a release! Wyrm month!
  7. Yay, thank you! That's one of my submissions back when I was an invitee, before I got in-cave. Cudos to the Lobotomy Corporation egg!
  8. Happy Halloween! Got my 8 eggs
  9. Just a few hours left till adults!
  10. Thank you! And yes, they're Easterns.
  11. Adults!! Here's the sketch I did for the Cloudplume, with a few edits made to accurately represent the final sprite: Squishy toe beans. Yes. Some tidbits: -They'd love plushies. Hatchlings especially would absolutely adore them. I guess it'd be a stuffed doll in canon DC setting? -The tail plumes and the two pairs of large feathers on their backs faintly shimmer with iridescence when the dragon is full of mana. It's a sort of surplus magic. I wonder if you can see a hint of it on the sprite? -Their actual body is not really fat or bulky; the thick feather coat and air magic provides enough warmth, so they don't have much need for extra body fat. -Always happy to provide snuggles for their friends. They love snuggles. -This is what I imagine their size to be. It's a size chart for all of my released breeds.(pls excuse the doodle-ness) (all sizes can be changed in the future depending on changes to average DC dragon sizes or if I change my mind) They're big enough to bury your hands in the feathers, or bury yourself in their floofiness. Finally, here's a portrait, in three different versions since floof shading is haard and I wasn't too happy with the result x'D (large images warning) Feel free to ask me questions regarding the Cloudplumes! I love opportunities for more lore. :3
  12. Happy Birthday DC! Got all 8 eggs.
  13. Sometimes the eggs hide behind the ads on mobile view. Try using desktop mode to see if that solves the issue next year.
  14. Yay, glad you like it! Phoenix is my absolute fav in the series so I had to turn his badge into an egg.
  15. The announcement image hahaha
  16. Finally, sprite updates. Also, I got eaten x'D
  17. Is this still being an issue? Can you provide a link to the post, and the before/after (the intended edits) versions of the part you wanted to edit?
  18. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  19. Are you sure your niece's scroll name is Seira the dragon? It's not giving me any results.
  20. Just a few hours left till adult time! Releases are always welcome for me, so this was a nice surprise.