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  1. Wow!! I'm simply amazed at the new market and trading features. Super excited to get my hands on some new eggs.
  2. Wow!! I'm simply amazed at the new market and trading features. Super excited to get my hands on some new eggs.
  3. If you're reading this - I highly suggest joining! I just finished developing a fun custom bot for them that guards scrolls from being viewbombed.
  4. Oh WOW! I wasn't expecting dragons from past Halloweens to become available! Thank you so much!
  5. Pfft, I should be doing a Latin activity right now. I'm in the middle of class.
  6. Darn it, I was going to say "The egg, because dinosaurs came before chickens and they laid eggs," until I saw the part that said "assuming chickens were the first to lay eggs". Now I have no idea.
  7. Purple and light blue Dark blue and light purple purple and blue Did I mention purple and blue? Oh and yeah I forgot to say purple and blue p u r p l e a n d b l u e
  8. Nice! Glad to see we're able to learn more interesting stuff.
  9. My main goals for the future here are to: Acquire a Leetle Tree Find a Cheese dragon and a Paper dragon Create at least one zombie Maybe for the future I can get one of each type(?) Acquire at least one Neglected One of each gender, perhaps Get a 2G Thuwed or Dorkface Collect all the dinos Grow my hoard of certain breeds I like Make some sort of cool lineage And finally, even though it'll be a very long time before I do these: Collect at least one of each breed Collect a male, female, 2 gendered hatchlings and 1 ungendered for each breed Here are goals I've already reached, too! Summon the three GoNs Acquire one of each Avatar Find a CB gold dragon for a special lineage
  10. Personally, I think grammar/spelling is a person's first impression online. The way people type can really change my picture of them. For example, the following sentence would give the impression that they are young or immature: "i d'ont know how to use punctuation or end a sentance so maybe i should lern how or who knows maybe im just faking this i have fooled you all ahahahahahaha also what the heck are capital letters someon pls help" However someone older (and more mature) would probably format a sentence like the following: "Well, it seems I can use punctuation now. Anyways, how are you?" Even with good spelling and punctuation, there are other things that can affect their impression. For example, let's say someone posted a picture of their dog, and these are reactions to it. The following person would come across as relatable and friendly: "Aww, they're so adorable! I love them, oh my goodness." While this person would come across as a little closed off: "Cute." There's a lot more I could say but it'd be too long.
  11. Oh my goodness, dogs are the best pets in my opinion. Whenever I see one, I immediately want to cup their adorable face in my hands and squish their cute cheeks. They'll usually look at me like "Why would you do this? Why have you betrayed me?"
  12. Currently chowing down on some Cheezits.
  13. Holy heck, I am in LOVE with your dragon names. Gotta go with The Tears of A Fandom.
  14. Oh, very neat! Thank you so much for your work and especially the new update that attempts to defend dragons against viewbombing!
  15. Oh! I'm loving these eggs, especially the one with "mysterious patterns"!
  16. Oooooooh boy. Just found this guy as an adult on EATW.
  17. I finally summoned one! It's a male.
  18. Two days?! Dang... I wish you the best of luck that the resulting Sino genders the way you want.
  19. I unfortunately haven't gotten one yet, but tomorrow once all of my hatchlings have matured I'll be able to acquire a Sinomorph. Hoping it's a male! EDIT: Finally got one, and yes, he's male! What Sinos have you summoned?
  20. By this time tomorrow, I'll be able to summon... due to the fact that my little hecking pink hatched late. Oh well.
  21. Six new dragons were released, and they're called Zyumorphs. Once you collect all six, you can summon a Sinomorph. People thought the gender of the Sino depended on the genders of the Zyus, but that's a false rumor. Edit: Woops, didn't see the post above this until after I posted this.
  22. I have an older Ember from two pairs of Thuweds that are at gen 0. Seems like a bug. https://dragcave.net/lineage/qT8ac
  23. The Sino is beautiful! Once all of mine are grown up tomorrow, I'll summon one.
  24. Silver Silver or Blusang Lindwurm?