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  1. I got eaten...*huffs* maybe next year. --- This Mint dragon thing is just mean...I LOVE the Mint Dragon...and this is only lasting for ONE day. BOOOOOOO! To bad we couldn't opt into keeping our dragons 'Mint' colored.
  2. 1. What's your forum name? y2j_fanatic 2. What's your favorite element? Mercury. Not that I really know much about 'elements' though considering for the longest time I didn't even know it could be deadly.
  3. Well, that sucks! I'm either gonna have to get the item to return Latios to normal OR get a second one... Well at least that'll be easier then hunting for those other Carbink's for Diancie to Mega Evolve (which I still haven't managed to do).
  4. Does Mega Evolving Latias require a NORMAL Latios or can I use my Mega Latios?
  5. <a href="https://dragcave.net/teleport/602cb681c1a7635849813950bb36b719">One normal black hatchling for transport</a>
  6. Well, then I better start Carbink hunting. 1 Diancie+1 Diancite+0 Carbink's=No Mega Diancie.
  7. I don't understand Diancie's evolution requirement. I understand the max happiness...and that it requires a Carbink in the same party. What I don't understand is that it doesn't seem to require a NORMAL Carbink...it requires either a Merrick, Bort, Allotrope, or Dace Carbink...potentially all 4, I'm not REAL sure. How do I even get one of those odd Carbink's? And, does it require all 4?
  8. Where do I find a Floral Togepi? I mean...how do I get an egg? I have a pre-hatched one I got from the shelter...but I'm referring to actually getting an egg that would start out as well...mine.
  9. Ohhhhh! That pink Tentacool with the hearts. Odd...but hey, I didn't have to do anything for it, so I like it.
  10. ^What the flimflamin' he-heck is THAT?! It was what I got yesterday from that weird monthly event...but that doesn't mean I have a clue what egg it's supposed to be.
  11. I got one of each of the new releases. Just gotta wait until a couple hatch so I can get a Frill & Aria. This is gonna be COOL!
  12. Alrighty! While I'm workin' at getting'em leveled, I'll work on getting those three too. Edit: Well, I got those three (but if I see that Victini one more time, I'm gonna lose it!) ...now just gotta level my Stellar Pupitar. Edit 2: Ah, screw it! ^NOW, it'll quit showing up! Edit 3: Got Stellar Pupitar to evolve into Astral Tyranitar, SWWWWEET! Edit 4: Got through the Unown Exploration...Ended up with a Q...*eyeroll* Edit 5: I'm on that Poacher Exploration now, and... ^Aggron needs 80 Cheri Berry's to be healed so I can move on to the next Task.
  13. ^65 Rawst Berry's required to cure this Wooper's burn so I can move on to task 8. Question: Okay, I'm not sure I understand the condition to get Stellar Pupitar to evolve...it says it needs to be near three different Pokemon (I'd have to go back and look to know exactly which 3)...but what does it mean NEAR?
  14. Well, I'm on the last part of that Pikachu exploration now...but that item is being difficult to find. Edit: Finally got through it. ... Poor Scyther. Edit 2: Decided to go ahead and start the Unown exploration...but for now, I'm kinda stuck on Task 6.
  15. Finally got through Task 6. Task 7=2,500 interactions...since it's something only I have to do instead of relying on others to choose the right berry (not counting the fog instance)...I'll be more than happy with Task 7. Edit: I got through Task 7...so now, I'm on the last task, Task 8. Edit 2: And, NOW...my very own Celebi egg: ^WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Yeah, I'm happy...happy...I'M HAPPY!!!) Edit 3: I got bored so I decided to do that Pikachu exploration (something-another Yellow Forest)...Task 3, 60 Chesto Berry's for Scyther: ^*facepalm* Edit 4: So, Manap
  16. Finally got a Korechu though that Youngster event...AWESOME! And, less than 12 hours later...I have my 2nd Korechu. o.O That makes me wonder, if it's possible to get the Korechu event more than once...is it possible to get the Strange Portal event more than once? Side note: I still need 10 more Cheri Berry's for my Celebi (top post on this page).