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  1. I liwk dragoons. ;w; Aww, one letter off. Next: Yes Dave, I was asleep at one point. It stands to reason I am now and will always be asleep at every point on all timelines.
  2. Pineapplewing? Fuse with carrot..
  3. Keep: Paper Abandon: Spring Kill: Turpentine Aeon, Diamondwing, Monarch
  4. Granted, but they're solid gold and will never hatch. I wish I didn't have allergies
  5. Tye Vat that Wont Stop dMeowing. ON apans Cat Island Type: Where they hung up a man, they say he murdered three
  6. Because they rebelled from the dragons and aren't allowed to breed while in captivity Why can't I name my dragons that?
  7. yuakstrjgh Yaks Under Australia Know Strong Trees Reverse Joking Gorilla Hugs 3hgmnc
  8. Look at thbat amerifn spruce tree ApolloQ Truly q\ CALIFORNIAN TREASJREq\ Type: Are you, are you, coming to the the tree
  9. :i :pj44t; :vo bj& I actually got one. ..from the perfect start, to the finish line..
  10. Soulpeace Soulpeace or Royal Blue
  11. ..the slumber party never ends. Do you wanna build a..
  12. Lightningwing? Fuse with: cipher
  13. Havd yiu d sf wubfetec whg chc dr hLdx all sbd ub lssz, Can't say I have. Type: ..destroy the middle it's a waste of time..
  14. Cobblewing Fuse with: corrupted
  15. Dimdy do ghus xyaoowcds veixase yi ejvkl tiak Well you did warn me. Type: ..our minds are troubled by the emptiness..
  16. Nothing to fuse with? Next person fuse with: shadow
  17. Eat ny feabtx fryws cwfjrw irserubg rtatcaneruxah hanxursge in noeayh dercsrn_tifw;51(## Yup, still terrible at this. Type: Shadows settle on the place that you left...