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  1. Hi Thanks to DarknessDragon197 for gifting me a cb Holly. It was a bright spot in a crazy week. Thanks again. Happy to be egg locked so I can get some sleep.
  2. If you mean holiday biome it seems like there are fewer eggs. The cave blockers sit then the whole thing is over really fast. even the 1 hour drops seem too have fewer eggs even though there are still a ton of people in them.
  3. I don't know. People keep saying thing will get better but I am not seeing it. The holiday biome is as crowded as it was this morning.
  4. Still not catching anything I need. 130 plus people in holiday biome. Eggs hatched slow than normal because I only had them out when I could watch them as I lost my first hatchling ever (CB blue copper which for me was just as valuable as the holiday) almost no eggs, 10 was better but had so many more I people even spaz clicking could not help. Trying to stay positive but this really hasn't been a good event for me. I play for fun and so far this has been anything but. I know they are trying to fix things but I'm rapidly running out of time. It's nice that people gift but I would have liked to caught my own eggs...
  5. This is my first post on this thread. First Thanks to TJ for letting us get some of the older dragons to complete our scrolls. I've noticed a few things. I lost my CB blue copper hatchling first. That hurt as I haven't caught too many my self. I have never lost a hatchlings but it was in EATW and it got sick and died quickly. Reading all the posts seems to indicate this happened to many people. Being extra cautious with my holiday eggs now. I hoped to pick up some of my eggs in the AP but I am glitched. I can pick them up in Holiday Biome but not in AP. Strange but I see I'm not the only one. I still have 10 hours until I can hunt again or more since I'm keeping my eggs fogged if I can't check them every 15 min. I've never had this issue before. Glad to see so much information here.
  6. This was my find tonight. I had never seen a silver hatch in AP before! https://dragcave.net/lineage/3JRun Thanks to breeder for this beauty. So grateful I manage to post this from my notepad.
  7. OK Thanks. As soon as I get new keyboard I will update it. My 1 finger typing is way too slow and I am too old to learn to text properly. I
  8. Sorry but what is OP? I haven't been typing too much. My laptop keyboard is broken and I need to replace it.
  9. and there's a nother one, but pale... Wow I could not believe this little beauty was left. Will be gendered, named and hopefully paired! Thank you Jade
  10. Thanks for this purple baby. https://dragcave.net/lineage/eVIk2
  11. Lol Crunchy and good with ketchup comes to mind if you dared attract a wild dragons attention. So funny. I love the different ideas. I wish I had thought of them. To me some of these ideas seem fairly easy to Incorporated using the existing game structure. Of course I have no idea if that is true since I have trouble programming a TV. I
  12. Agreed that rares are rare for a reason. It is just frustrating to see 4 CB silvers up for trade by one person when you don't even see one in a month. Forget slow clicks. Maybe I'm old and slow but I don,'t even get the thrll of a near miss. Boy i love the idea of an egg that would gradually reveal it self. Especially if it only gave you enough to guess but not be entirely sure. Bet that would drive the artists nuts if it could even be done.
  13. I loved looking at all the great AP finds. Going to try posting my own. Hopefully I do this correctly https://dragcave.net/lineage/gmMLG Alchemy
  14. Many good comments. Honestly one of the reasons I did not fully flesh out the idea was I expected that people who have played much longer and harder than I would have a better understanding of how such things could be done. I also thought perhaps a spider web in the back of the gave. Who to say such a magical place could not give rise to a spider that would store living prey in a semi comatose state until needed. The spiders might periodic be eaten leading to abandon webs with eggs wrapped in Silk. From my days breeding reptiles I had clutches of egg where almost all the eggs hatched except for a few. Those eggs still seemed good so l left them only to have them hatch months later. Some eggs can go over a year and still hatch. My theory on the mud would be the cool temperature never allows the egg to start the development. Removing some of the mud allows the process to start again. Completely cleaning the eggs would kill them. You sure don't dare do that with chicken eggs. Yes I've hatched lots of those too. Chicken eggs can be temperature delayed too. Clock doesn't start until you warm them up. Heck I know of people who hatched eggs from supermarket. Rare since most are not fertile but it happens. I think they must be the neglected of the chicken world... As I said I'm not a hard cord player but I find myself between wow these are really easy to get and I've never even seen a gold egg. The difference between this type of idea and a store is that you could look at the prize dragon and say OK X were released into the wild, Y are dead and these scrolls were inactive for a long time so we will reintroduce some predetermined quantity back into the game. It was meant to be a suggestion working within the existing programing for introducing a few prizes back into the gene pool.
  15. Wow Way more replies than I expected. Why does the mud stop time? Because that's how you explain how an out of time flow egg could be found. I mean really if you're introducing reality into it then how would you ever feed all these dragons in the first place. The BSA was just a fun idea to make some other dragon useful. The idea is that it would be a controlled method to introduce some additional rares without flooding the market. I think it's pretty lame that people find so may ways to rig the system. I mean honestly someone with slower reflexes or slow internet is seriously disadvantaged. You could leave the holidays out or only have them in the mix for 10-20 days after the event. As to losing a dragon cause you can't have more than two on your scroll. That would be a risk you tske. Look at the dragons that are lost trying to get a neglected. At least you wouldn't have a dead egg on your scroll. I don't know how you deal with multiple scrolls. I would think raffles have the same issues. That people would get more scrolls to have more chances. I really can't imagine having the time for all those scrolls. Personally l like the store idea but I wonder if it would be a programing nightmare.
  16. I really like the idea of trader canyon but still waiting for a store... Here would be a different approach to a store. Egg in biomes called Mud balls. Hey there is an egg covered in mud which seems to still be alive but time has stopped. This egg doesn't seem to want to hatch. Add dragon with BSA called egg cleaner. The egg is cleaner and going to hatch but you still can't tell what it will be. Unique hatching sequence so no hint until it hatches. The egg could be anything from a holiday hatchie from any year, a prize type, a rare, an alt, common, uncommon ect. After all for the eggs in the mud time stopped so anything is possible. Since you are only allowed 2 holiday CB on your scroll if you already had them then they would drop into the AP after hatching. I like surprises so for me this would be fun. I would most likely hatch 1 of these every week.
  17. Hi, Felt good about getting a shiny dragon egg here yesterday. All ready hatched and named thank you. Here a Geode https://dragcave.net/teleport/e8ad9beaf7f6b...d5806287a660ae1 Hope someone enjoys it.
  18. I love Pride and Prejudice!! I may have to enter this one if I have time this weekend.
  19. For me I noticed that just randomly switching biomes between the 5 minute drops were also yielding eggs. Not maybe as many but easier to catch. I think maybe people are on but not refeshing so they don't see those eggs. I caught 1 that way but saw maybe 3-4 more over about an hour.
  20. I think I am done for today. The AP catches were terrific too! I miss two gold hatchies! I have 2 hatchling and 3 eggs (2 should hatch tomorrow) of the new ones. One nicely bred hellhorse and a CB tan ridgewing from the AP. Am sooo close to silver scroll which would have helped but still am very happy with my catches. Happy hunting. Can't wait to see what happens yet. The last couple of weeks have been wild.
  21. My first is due to hatch in 5 hours and my second is close behind (20-30 minutes). The first has Views 2,671 Unique562 Click 3 The second has Views 1,488 Unique 441 Clicks 2 The first has a huge hole and the second just a crack. Don't know if this means anything but some people were commenting these might need a lot of views. I would post a picture but not sure how. Alchemy
  22. Was looking on some click sites and there seem to be a lot of them with pretty big holes in them. I'm thinking we are going to see hatchlings soon.
  23. Caught a CB water dragon in AP with the code sseeC so named it Sea Sea which seem perfect. Caught a season winter in the forest so npw I have a winter from the forest Neither was tossed back for the new release as I had 3 open slots and was hunting when the first new release hit. (I thought they were Easter eggs so picked up 3 fairly quickly). Hunting turned bad with everyone out looking for new release eggs so I decide to try breeding. My first CB stripes produced a red egg with gold stripes! So I had a very good week overall and now the new eggs are dropping again!
  24. I will add a comment as a relatively new player. I have seen (not caught) at least 2 gold eggs and several silvers but have never seen this Almandines. I hunt all the biomes fairly often so it seems odd to me. It seems to me they are rarer than silvers. I thought maybe it was a seasonal thing.