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  1. M Silver x F Magi 4G Checker Thats their first silver, so please name and dont harm/freeze <3 ty
  2. Silver hatchie Precog'd male name, please Freezing is okay
  3. Thank you! I'm so happy that you like this lineage because im quite crazy about this 2 dragons, they are my favorite <3
  4. Wrong color nebula Freezing is okay, just name this baby and wrong gender fire red gem
  5. I've accidentally dropped this egg, so If you pick up please return it to me
  6. Its their 2nd egg, so... Dont harm/bite/freeze/retrade etc, name it nicely and take care, ty <3
  7. I am working on the Azure x Kingcrowne lineage too, but unfortunately I cant get 2G Kingcrowne from them. T_T Anyway, glad that you liked this combination.
  8. 3G PB Silver Name and dont harm - gone. Thank you, ideunatty!
  9. I took this beauty <3 It will be loved and named. Thank you!
  10. Name and dont harm/freeze/retrade <3 Gold Silver Chrono checker Golden Lunar checker One per person, please. Post back greatly appreciated!
  11. Thank you, Terrafreaky, for this beauty <3
  12. Wow o_o Thank you (: I think I can breed mate for him.
  13. My bf sent me it.That was his first silver he caught. Just why?Jealous? (:
  14. I just forgot that im egglocked and bred this beauty and it went to the AP. T_T Please, If you find it - let me know.
  15. Thank you, Starphyre77! What a gorgeous lineage! And also this.
  16. Why are you guys refuse?! I want to continue this lineage so much! And now i need another pairs for this stubborn mules :с
  17. I, Nancy_Lu, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.