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"It feels like we're dying--

JrAGqn9.pngMy ScrollΒ πŸ’™Β BF's ScrollΒ Β gOjGL26.pngΒ 5GmhSXm.png

--but baby, we're just fine."

Starting March 24th, I am going to be slightly inactive because I am visiting my boyfriend and he is flying back with me.
He will be away from his computer, therefore using my computer to access his DC account! This is not a case of multi-accounting!Β Β Thank you! ^^

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    Hey I’m Tesla, or Tess! ♍ I am an elf who likes to collect dragons.

    I'm really shy so I hope that doesn't make me seem cold or mean. I apologize in advance for any misunderstandings, as I have conditions that make it hard for me to comprehend things, and sometimes I find it hard to communicate. Don't be afraid to PM me, just make sure you state things clearly for me. <3


    β—Ύ I'm so sorry to the people who's offspring I've frozen. If there is ever a way to unfreeze hatchlings, I will definitely be unfreezing a few. They are something I regret, because it was before I knew much about lineages and breeding... 😿

    β—Ύ I love CBs, 2Gs, 3Gs, and 4Gs (checkers) of any kind. Love a short and sweet lineage.

    β—Ύ My scroll is: silver-winter

    β—Ύ My boyfriend also plays!, his scroll is: firelord_nomi