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I know I'll wither so peel away the bark,
'Cause nothing grows when it is dark.
In spite of all my fears, I can see it all so clear,
I see it all so clear...

[icon art byΒ jackjackcooper] / [My Described Dragons]

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    Hey you can call me Tess or Tesla. Nicknames can include Silver or Tinsel.
    I'm an elf nerd and I love dragons, among other magical creatures!

    I'm nonbinary & pansexual.

    My username is based off of the physicist, Nikola Tesla, not the line of cars.

    I love writing descriptions for my dragons and I try to put a lot of time and care into each one I make. Always open to critiques on my writing, so long as they are meant to be helpful and not hurtful.

    I'm really into astrology!
    Please tell me your sign(s). ✨
    I'm a Virgo (sun), Libra (moon), Capricorn (rising)!

    🐲 🌺 ✨ 🌈 🍰 🐲 🌺 ✨ 🌈 🍰

    β—Ύ I'm so sorry to the people who's AP offspring I've frozen. If there is ever a way to unfreeze hatchlings, I will definitely be unfreezing a few. They are something I regret, because it was before I knew or cared much about lineages and breeding. It sucks. 😿
    β—Ύ I love CBs, 2Gs, 3Gs, and 4Gs (checkers) of any kind. Love a short and sweet lineage!
    β—Ύ I really dig common and uncommon dragons, and cool sounding codes.
    ◾️ Hybrid dragons and hybrid fails are my favorites!
    β—Ύ My scroll is: silver-winter
    β—Ύ My husband also plays!, his scroll is: firelord_nomi

    🐲 🌺 ✨ 🌈 🍰 🐲 🌺 ✨ 🌈 🍰

    Will always accept ANY CB common or uncommon hatchlings!

    My favorite dragon breeds in alphabetical order:

    - Aria Dragon
    - Cassare Dragon
    - Dark Green Dragon
    - Dark Myst Pygmy
    - Duotone Dragon
    - Frilled Dragon
    - Glaucus Drake
    - Moonstone Dragon (m)
    - Plated Colossus Dragon
    - Spitfire Dragon

    - Anagallis Dragon
    - Azure Glacewing Dragon
    - Black Truffle Dragon
    - Carina Dragon
    - Day Glory Drake
    - Daydream Dragon
    - Fell Dragon
    - Fire Gem Dragon
    - Gemshard Dragon
    - Geode Dragon
    - Hellfire Wyvern
    - Pyrovar Dragon
    - Risensong & Setsong Dragon
    - Seasonal Dragon (esp. Autumn)
    - Sinii Krai Dragon
    - Soulpeace Dragon
    - Sunrise & Sunset Dragon
    - Sunsong Amphiptere
    - Turpentine Dragon
    - Whiptail Dragon

    - Astrapi Xenowyrm
    - Chrono Xenowyrm
    - Copper Dragon (green)
    - Gaia Xenowyrm
    - Shimmer-scale Dragon (all colors)
    - Tinsel (all colors)