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  1. just a stranger on a bus tryin to make his way home. Next: I MISS TRICO! THE PRECIOUS SMOL TURKEY BIRD!
  2. Another Pretty Vein Just Died Fall out Boy
  3. So..... tired..... sleep..... I want to sleep.
  4. "Lobotomy Corporation" It's named after the game. Not only that, but it was a dark green colored dragon specifically because Jacksepticeye uploaded a video in October playing the game, in which Anti makes an appearance. Very clever. ; )
  5. HOW AM I THIS LUCKY? I'm seriously holding out for an alt. His brother of the same batch was an alt, so I'm seriously hoping, as well with this one. But seriously HOW??? I Keep getting a bunch of alt-kins. Not that I'm complaining.
  6. " This STICK was once part of a tree, reaching towards the sky in defiance of gravity. Now it is sitting on the ground, rotting and forgotten. Perhaps it is a metaphor for the human condition." "You look at one of the rocks. It is indeed a rock." OML THIS IS AMAZING D
  7. X'bix'k G IDK why It just sounds like a word in the Klingon language.
  8. I wish Lunch period was an hour long instead of forty minutes.
  9. I'd be perfectly fine with it. I'd be happy to have such a fabulous fusion to keep me company.
  10. Name: 8/10 I like it! Simple but sweet. I like how it's very easy to say, yet unique at the same time. Avatar: 9/10 Super cool! I'm a huge stickler for pixels. Idk why. It's probably due to my OCD, and seeing such clean edges just appeal to me for some odd reason. Signature: 7.5/10 A tad bit messy, as it doesn't have a corresponding color palette, and the golden wyvern banner seems a bit out of place, but I like it none the less.
  11. Omg I'm so lucky this year. I got this Rosebud & Gold checker, like her, which I got last year. I also snagged this RA and Blue Nebula 2G. Simple but sweet. This gorgeous Heartseeker and Black Dragon checker, and I FINALLY, caught two heartstealers, which I've been trying to get for the past two years. This Red and Arsani staircase. And last but certainly not least, him.
  12. 'cordyceps fungus' I know what that is. I was like.. is that what I think that is? I was right.
  13. Hoards Loose Change I like that one. It's amusing to me.