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  1. I'm going to be completely honest here, a Hufflepuff Desipis is among the most ironic things I've ever seen, but I love it tho.
  2. This is how my smol bean looks so far. Gave him a lil headband!
  3. Graves are undoubtedly the most popular, tbh. I think a close second are the Lurkers. I was torn between the three, including the Walker, but I narrowed it down to the Lurker and the Walker. I chose the Walker from a random number generator. I hate being indecisive cri. I get why the Graves are so popular though, they're just so elegant and regal, yet spooky and unsettling with the wings and glassy black eyes. Kind of reminds me of a dead handsome/pretty young adult or teen, pretty, but unsettling at the same time. I think that's why people like them so much. They're among my favorite too
  4. 26 Hatchlings so far, and no Pumpkins or Caligenes. ): I wanna meet a Pumpkin fren. So far I've met mostly Slytherin and Ravenclaw buddies, and only one Hufflepuff and two Gryffindors. #LoveTheHufflepuffs
  5. oMG YES. So cute, but I still love my shadow walker fren. sTAHP TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL BAD, CRI
  6. (large photo, oops) This is smol fluff doggo, and she's named Snickers. Shes a floofy mutt we got from the local veterinary clinic, my parents went in to get medication for my other dog, (below) and there were a bunch of puppies in a box receiving a check up. Snickers was the smallest bean in the box, and was a rescue. We know for sure she's an Australian Shepard mix, and maybe a bit of lab. But we're unsure about her other parent, besides the Aussie. Trigger warning for story below, just skip it if you don't want to read it. It was December of 2014, I believe, when local
  7. So far I've only gotten 27, and that's just from just browsing my scroll, and sneaking a few candies during classes and passing periods today. I wonder how many we have to find this year.
  8. Thank you! I didn't even see that one. On a different note, how many trick or treat sprites have you guys gotten so far?
  9. It was between the cavern lurker and Shadow walker for me. I went to a number generator and set it from 1 to 8, and i got 3 more than once, so yeah, Honestly I expected more pumpkins by a long shot. They're so cute, and they have such sweet gecko-like faces, that also resemble the sweet eyes of a salamander and newt! Somebody should make lil signature badges for which trick or treater we chose! I'd totally use it.
  10. Hey guys, which Hatchling did you all choose to dress up, out of curiosity? I chose a Shadowwalker, and so far I'm the only one I've seen, lol. All the ones ive seen are desipis, lurkers, and a ton of graves.
  11. Really? Wow.... I always thought it differed from like continent to continent or something...
  12. Lol, there's over 50 people camping out on the AP rn. I've always wondered how the AP works, because I know the entire world doesn't use the same AP. So how does it work?
  13. Cant wait for the craze to start! Its going to be great. I'm planning to look for some alt-kins, and such, basically anything I find pretty lol. Hoping for a few male graves and desipis as well. I'm also excited to breed Finch and Donahue together.
  14. That's a good idea! I'll abandon my prize-alt-kin and my gold shimmrt egg if nobody wants it still while they're on the dc notice board.
  15. Snap! I need to plan my breedings too. My favorite thing about DC Halloween is basically, everything about it. I just adore it. Does anybody have any theories about the next Halloween release? I'm unsure what it will be, but I'm excited for it none the less.
  16. Got one of your guys' Friday the 13th Eggs! It's a cute 2G Witchlight x Red! Unsure who the breeders are though... It doesn't show their scroll name. https://dragcave.net/lineage/UgBs5
  17. Took Five CB single-striped eggs and no greens. I cri
  18. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Swgpd ......
  19. Not only did I get four teeth ripped out of my skull, (wisdom teeth) and I look like a chipmunk, but I can't get any Coast new releases.