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  1. Really? Wow.... I always thought it differed from like continent to continent or something...
  2. Lol, there's over 50 people camping out on the AP rn. I've always wondered how the AP works, because I know the entire world doesn't use the same AP. So how does it work?
  3. Cant wait for the craze to start! Its going to be great. I'm planning to look for some alt-kins, and such, basically anything I find pretty lol. Hoping for a few male graves and desipis as well. I'm also excited to breed Finch and Donahue together.
  4. That's a good idea! I'll abandon my prize-alt-kin and my gold shimmrt egg if nobody wants it still while they're on the dc notice board.
  5. Snap! I need to plan my breedings too. My favorite thing about DC Halloween is basically, everything about it. I just adore it. Does anybody have any theories about the next Halloween release? I'm unsure what it will be, but I'm excited for it none the less.
  6. Got one of your guys' Friday the 13th Eggs! It's a cute 2G Witchlight x Red! Unsure who the breeders are though... It doesn't show their scroll name. https://dragcave.net/lineage/UgBs5
  7. Took Five CB single-striped eggs and no greens. I cri
  8. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Swgpd ......
  9. Not only did I get four teeth ripped out of my skull, (wisdom teeth) and I look like a chipmunk, but I can't get any Coast new releases.
  10. Finished Sorting all my Dragons into the correct morphology, (also sorting the CBs) all that's left to sort are the Holidays, and PBs.
  11. I Wanna Write! Username: Jillybean711 Trophy Level: Gold (Just passed 666 dragons XD) Personal Goal: Review at least five descriptions each day, and make a description for all of my Unique Codes, by the end of this month.
  12. My daughter has grown up. ;~; But now begs the question, what name? Any suggestions? (girl name, must start with a T)
  13. I'm secretly a birder. Nobody really knows about my obsession. I saw what I thin was, a Prairie Falcon ( or perhaps a male American Kestrel ) in my neighborhood. Canadian geese have started to nest in our area as well. The Sandpipers are yelling their heads off like crazy (as per usual), I have yet to see any osprey, but they're around. (Theres a nest by a large ranch we drive past) Robins are happy, and I saw a smol fluffy juvenile that looked like he just learned how to fly the other day. I've also seen some large brown birds of prey around. They might be a juvenile bald eagle. (They were way too big to be an osprey)
  14. My lil' Nexus DyeYb grew up rather nicely!
  15. "The Ancient Greed of Midas" King Midas from Greek Myth.
  16. Viserionclaw My favorite of the trio.
  17. "Chrysantea" It's just super elegant. :3