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  1. Left In The Darkness. Not sure why, but the thought of utter and complete isolation scares me, and it just kind of reminds me of "The Pit And The Pendulum," Which is a kind of disturbing story in general, as with most of Poet's works.
  2. I have a few recent ones; Uhhh Is Mayonaise An Instrument Horse Radish Isn't An Instrument Cinnamon TicTac (Desipis w/ Mint lineage) Babadook and Insidious (Two-headed, I like to give each head a name)
  3. I wonder if anybody has gotten a zombie or neglected on the AP before....?
  4. I'd probably be a Shadow Walker, for my timid nature, but if I had to pick a non-holiday I'd be an Antarean. Theyre both pretty tied though.
  5. My parents said yes to me starting a pinned insect collection! I'm super stoked about it.
  6. Gasp i love the contrast, especially how the white fox mask brings out their gorgeous green eyes!
  7. True. I was imagining him to be an rpg mage tho, specifically a DnD mage. @Yhme I like the Sakurafest one, personally. :3
  8. Ugh I'm so torn. I hate being so indecisive. Which one, guys? Headband or wing armor, or both?
  9. I need to post my contest entry right now..
  10. Lil miss Holly finally grew up :') She's my pride and joy.
  11. I'll help add to the overall stats with the hatchlings I've encountered, considering I just hit 50. (+1 Shadow walker, bc that's my hatchling, but I wont include them in the overall stats) Total: 50 Grave: 15 (30%) Shadow Walker: 7 (14%) (not including my own) Desipis: 8 (16%) Pumpkin: 1 (2%) Cavern Lurker: 10 (20%) Black Marrow: 4(8%) Witchlight: 2 (4%) Caligene: 3 (6%)
  12. My 48th Hatchling fren was the first Pumpkin I've seen! I was scared I wouldn't see one. I think they're my favorite besides Shadow Walkers.
  13. That appeared to fix it! Thanks you guys. @Lantean_Pegasus @XDLugia The mummy wings aren't working though, and I got the red pirate set for free, but that's okay. :3
  14. Hey, who else is getting a glitched hatchling? My hatchling has a Syltherin wizard hat when its supposed to be weaing a black petticoat, ravenclaw scarf, and a navy parrot?
  15. Same here! Our little friends could go sailing the seven seas as fellow Ravenclaw Shadow walker pirates!
  16. Gave my smol bean a little Petticoat and a smol friend! I quite liked the blue coat, but I liked the neutral-colored black one instead. Brings out the blue scarf and his little parrot friend more! Speaking of which, our beans need names! I quite like the name Glastyn for him, considering he reminds me of the gray trickster horses from Manx mythology.
  17. gUYS I CANT BREATHE OMG THESE LINEAGES ARE HILARIOUS hELP https://dragcave.net/lineage/eUFar https://dragcave.net/lineage/hZW5w
  18. I'm going to be completely honest here, a Hufflepuff Desipis is among the most ironic things I've ever seen, but I love it tho.
  19. This is how my smol bean looks so far. Gave him a lil headband!