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  1. I saw a single florist egg in alpine but i wasnt quick enouGH. Im not gonna give up!
  2. Annnnnddddd I lost my CB Red fire gem. Just dandy.
  3. I wonder if my bred eggs are doing okay in the AP...
  4. I have 13 dead eggs on my scroll. This is giving me a bad image of an irresponsible dragon mom, and I don't like it.
  5. It was on my Online Christmas wishlist to get my first Holly this year. Guess ill have to wait another year. All my holly eggs are dead.
  6. 13 eggs dead now on my scroll. Only one last Aegis is okay.
  7. Ugh. This is complete chaos, and I hate it.
  8. I only used EATW, and all of my eggs died! Including a 2012 that was related to an alt grave. I was disappointed, and got seven more eggs. Then after doing some editing to my scroll settings, not even five minutes after I put them on EATW, they were sick again! I'm kinda miffed, tbh.
  9. Bashful Snuggle Bum Super cute. ♡
  10. Naked Emoji CB Let's be real here, that's pretty terrifying.
  11. Left In The Darkness. Not sure why, but the thought of utter and complete isolation scares me, and it just kind of reminds me of "The Pit And The Pendulum," Which is a kind of disturbing story in general, as with most of Poet's works.
  12. I have a few recent ones; Uhhh Is Mayonaise An Instrument Horse Radish Isn't An Instrument Cinnamon TicTac (Desipis w/ Mint lineage) Babadook and Insidious (Two-headed, I like to give each head a name)
  13. I wonder if anybody has gotten a zombie or neglected on the AP before....?
  14. I'd probably be a Shadow Walker, for my timid nature, but if I had to pick a non-holiday I'd be an Antarean. Theyre both pretty tied though.
  15. My parents said yes to me starting a pinned insect collection! I'm super stoked about it.
  16. Gasp i love the contrast, especially how the white fox mask brings out their gorgeous green eyes!
  17. True. I was imagining him to be an rpg mage tho, specifically a DnD mage. @Yhme I like the Sakurafest one, personally. :3
  18. Ugh I'm so torn. I hate being so indecisive. Which one, guys? Headband or wing armor, or both?