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  1. Huh, not a fan of the egg, too pale for my liking. However, even if it doesn't suit my taste, this doesn't mean the hatchling/adults won't be stunners
  2. Have: 2G Aegis from Blacktip || Teleport Want: Other 2G even gen holiday. I prefer Aegides and lower time eggs, but any breed and time remaining on egg will be considered.
  3. I dislike this idea as well. I prefer it when opinions are expressed in a fully articulated manner rather than for them to be condensed into emotes, especially since I don't personally view the forums as social media and drama might be more susceptible to arise with both negative and positive reactions present. If it has to be done, I agree with Ladylyzar, for only positive emotes to be implemented.
  4. I'm sick as heck. I woke up with a horrible migraine + nausea, but I managed to somehow catch the last holiday eggos I needed so yay <3
  5. One of my fire gem hatchlings died of sickness It had a nice name on it too...
  6. I can't catch anything that I actually want. I appreciate the new holiday biome but I just want to scream from frustration!!! It doesn't help that I'm feeling kind of ill, but I'm totally determined to get my very own CB Hollies.
  7. So I have an issue. I clicked on an egg from the holiday biome and I get a message saying I am at the limit for that holiday breed although I do not own any CB xmas holidays? Is anyone else having this problem?
  8. Thanks! I'm not meaning to impose a date, purple haze! It's an honest mix up, which is why I was asking.
  9. Does Christmas breeding week start on the 17th?
  10. My grades were on point this semester. Out of a possible perfect 10 grade average, I obtained a 9.9 Not bad, and I'm happy my effort has paid of well. It was a very difficult semester for me regarding my personal life, so I am indeed proud.
  11. So I'm a little out of touch with trading. Is it reasonable to ask for 4 CB common hatchlings (any breed) in exchange for a CB gaia?
  12. I'm hoping to get Ultra Moon for Christmas or my birthday. Reading everyone's experiences with the game has made me anticipate it a little more. In spite of the fact that I didn't want to try these games for being too similar to Sun or Moon, I can't ever resist a new Pokemon game.
  13. If you like weird, yet unsettlingly intense music with a darker vibe give Angel by Massive Attack a listen.
  14. I haven't been code hunting as much lately, I've been way too busy. However, finding this one was a real lucky strike: https://dragcave.net/lineage/TULIP
  15. I like TCA's idea the most. I don't breed much and I like the idea of being able to obtain every version of the Snow Angel. Breeding true is also a fairly nice option.
  16. I need 1 more CB green copper, just 1. Cave, please be nice.
  17. My collection is finally complete: https://dragcave.net/group/19196 1 of each type and gender I started collecting them almost as soon as I joined the game. I am happy to say that I no longer have a need to collect this type of dragons. I'm thankful to each and every single prize owner that allowed me to trade/iou with them. Otherwise I would've never been able to accomplish my goal!
  18. We never did get concept art, did we? That does sadden me quite a bit, as I would've loved to see it, and I know many others would like to as well.
  19. Personally, I wouldn't like the cool-down to be removed. It was implemented for a justifiable reason, indeed to maintain the cave's pace properly as well as to space out times for hunting. It may be bothersome, but other than the fact that the time length may cause annoyance to some, there is not a true problem with this mechanic per se. Edit for redundancy.
  20. Have: x4 CB Omen Hatchlings // Teleport Want: 2G Prize, mate of my choice preferred but will consider every offer. From Pairing that I don't have please (see this group), no holiday mates save for Omen Wyrms. Red line in sig may apply for this ^ CB Golds As always, PM me if you want to discuss anything.
  21. My luck is absolutely terrible when it comes to trading right now. Plus, I can't find some CBs I need for an IOU. I feel trapped
  22. When is it unsafe to unfog a sick hatchling? Here's some more info, for context. One of my hatchlings was severely ill, I'm talking a full-on 24 hour illness when it was view bombed up to around 15:1 V to UV. Thankfully, it is no longer ill, though I'm worried about unfogging it and having it become ill immediately if I were to place it in a low-traffic hatchery. Would it be safer to keep it fogged for yet another day? Just to be extra cautious? Edit for grammar and redundancy.
  23. Hm. So Coppers appear to have vanished from the cave. I've been looking for several hours, guess I'll have to try again later today.
  24. My first 5 have grown up! I'm excited and quite happy too!
  25. I can't pick up things to hatch right now, but I'm putting them into ERs, so far