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IOUs accepted on a case-by-case basis.


☆ I will Neglect for a 2G from Female Bronze Shimmer 


NOTICE: My previous forum name was andromedae

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    I O U

    Pending IOUs:

    (From Me)
    Liddy: I owe 2G Rares from Mints
    MIGOR: 3G Silver Tinsel x Sunset
    Cupup889: CB Neglected

    M I S C

    I will Neglect for a 2G from Female Bronze Shimmer.

    Want me to breed you something? I have CBs of everything (exclude Holidays, I only have '16 and onwards for those). Shoot me a PM. The only condition is that you're ready to pick up the egg as soon I as I breed it for you (we'd settle a day/time for that).