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  1. Newbie Request! Forum Name: SwordofStars Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/SwordofStars PM link: :/ I'm honestly not sure how to get that. Help? I'm pretty sure you can just type my name into the address box.. not sure. Egg Request: White Striped, Magi, Pink, and/or Red. (Any single one of those would be amazing. I hope that's reasonable. People doing this for newbies like me is very nice, and I don't want to abuse it.) Do you have any dead eggs on your scroll?: Nope. If so, why?
  2. I, SwordofStars, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  3. that Ultraviolet/Soulpeace evengen checker (kinda, but that definitely deserves a pass) is amazing! Best lineage I have seen on this website so far. (I'm kind of new, so that's not saying much though...)
  4. Is offering 1 CB Vampire Egg for a Female Striped (Black or White) + Any Pink Hatchling reasonable? I will be back to this thread a lot, because I am a total noob!