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  1. Saw an Undine in the AP. Thought "why not?" 0_0 It's a Thuwed. I'm going to influence it to be female so I can breed it with my Dorkface. 0_0 What if it alts... no, that's just wishful thinking
  2. Well, with a Xeno and a Silver, just getting an egg at all is quite an accomplishment! Congrats!
  3. Guess what? I just saw another Xenowyrm, this time a Mageia. But now I'm actually overburdened from that Nebula!
  4. I AM SO MAD RIGHT NOW. I clicked on a CB Chrono Xenowyrm (I know it was Chrono because it was in the Forest) and then something pops up about how I'm overburdened. But I only had three eggs. What? Then I click on a nebula to test it out, and I'm not overburdened! DUDE. DC OWES ME A XENOWYRM.
  5. Yeah, so cuuuuute omg. Quick, someone make a lineage out of this.
  6. OMG that guy is FREAKY. He did a HUGE dump of eggs earlier today... of every kind. Magis, Olives, Falconiforms, any egg up to uncommon.
  7. I saw a Golden Wyvern in the AP (I don't specifically like Golden Wyverns that much, but through luck or just me thinking they are rarer then they are, I have four of them.) when I was egg locked. I clicked on it to get the code, and used that in the view URL, just to see its lineage out of curiosity. It was the offspring of two spiral bronze tinsel x golden wyverns. I put it in a document I use to store interesting lineages, and clicked on it again to see it again. THE NEW OWNER HAD TURNED IT INTO A VAMPIRE. This isn't a mistake made by me, but this was certainly a DC fail.
  8. LOL! Stop, drop, and put on some sunglasses, then roll away. -From the Manual of Proper Second-Sun Emergency Responses
  9. Oh that is SO cute OMG! As for the original post... that gif doh...
  10. Because, you know, it's a second sun and as the person above you posted, our eyes should be melting out of their sockets if we're that close and keeping our eyes not only open but looking in that direction.
  11. "This egg is glowing as bright as the sun" "This egg is sitting in a patch of flowers, even though there is no sunlight in the cave." Seems legit.
  12. Well.. considering that there are two moons of Valkemare.. and that the moon can shine in the daytime.. its not THAT impossible. Perhaps the sun is on the horizon, and the two moons are next to each other on the other horizon. The fog is blocking the moonlight from the Sun egg and the sunlight from the Moon egg. If the larger moon is about the same size as our moon, and it has a slightly smaller moon also next to it, and they happen to be both close to full (a full moon doesn't show during the daytime, if you look up the moon cycle it makes sense) then it would cast enough moonlight to make a
  13. My first Dorkface, fresh from the AP! https://dragcave.net/lineage/K0Xpq
  14. OMG MY FIRST DORKFACE! Red dragon in the AP.. just wanted incubate.. ITS A DORKFACE! https://dragcave.net/lineage/K0Xpq I will name you Darkfire Bloodthorn Dorkface when you hatch!
  15. Aw, that's so cute! As for the other ones: Yeah, purple is so unexpected! We have a Turpentine hoarder on our hands! Guardian, random egg, and Mint in a line.. so cute.. I can just imagine people standing awkwardly in front of the cave, looking at the oddly placed eggs.
  16. Hey guys, I've seen threads like "great lineages in AP" and "your worst DC fails" so I present to you: funny eggs in the cave. If it's three spirit wards, all sun-related ones, or two rares that you couldn't decide which, post them here! I'll start us off with a triple Turpentine
  17. Whoops! That gal is the master of GW's doh.
  18. Hey, he's the guy who gave me my evengen GW checker above!
  19. https://dragcave.net/lineage/g4KDC This insane sucker in the AP. Even-gen. One parent was a gold wyvern/winter magi checker, and the other was a gold wyvern/heartseeker checker. There was a Blusang and this baby in the AP at the same time, and I had one slot. Split-second decision. I think I made the right choice. Now I have two golden wyverns- this guy and a CB.
  20. I just missed a Bronze Tinsel, a Red (I need one) and a Silver in rapid succession in the AP, right after mistaking a Bloodscale for a red and mistaking a Chicken for a Pygmy.
  21. Even worse, Robin Williams volunteered to be Peeves. That would be perfect!
  22. Legit just getting good. I'm a noob
  23. Quitting for nearly a year, and narrowly missing the awesome Aegis Dragon D: *sigh* but now I'm BACK!