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  1. Congrats to whoever got that Leetle Tree from the Forest just now!
  2. These aren't exact, but it's something along the lines of... "This egg looks like a blue stone" "This egg is surrounded by mysterious dust"
  4. For the oranges, maybe Argent or Aurora? It gives off a space-y vibe. (Totally didn't use Thesaurus.com.) For the blues, it probably starts with Sea. Seastone? Seawing? Hmm. I guess we'll find out soon.
  5. The orange ones might be Stardust, between the dusty egg and the blinding scales. Dunno about the blue one.
  6. I had two extra egg slots and an egg dump was about to happen... I caught a CB Gaia a day or two ago, so I was going to camp another biome. Decided upon coast and would try for a Blusang. Got one first try. Considering my amazing Kyogre catch yesterday in Pokemon, I'm wondering why the sea life is liking me so much right now.
  7. It depends on the non-stripe parent though, right...?
  8. Second try with 1 trio, I got a GoN. 0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0
  9. On my second summon try, with only one trio... I got a Guardian of Nature. 0_0
  10. Thanks for the confirmation. I was under the impression that some sort of contest or raffle happens during every holiday season (Valentines, Halloween, and December) that gives out CB prizes and was confused during the Valentine event this year.
  11. Um, I joined in February and I'm curious... how to get Tinsels/Shimmerscales? EDIT: I meant CB ones. I was looking for the raffle details. Thank you to everyone.
  12. CB Gaia Xeno! Whooot! My second one. I influenced it to be female, bcuz my first one was male. Does getting two CB Gaias in the course of a month or so mean I'm really lucky, or really unlucky?
  13. I'm not sure if you've noticed, and if you have already sorry, but that one's inbred.
  14. 0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0 I JUST GOT A LEETLE TREE NO WORDS CAN EXPLAIN THIS THE SHOCK IS JUST NOW HITTING ME https://dragcave.net/view/MdEBs I had passed up a Dino and a CB Pyro because 1. Nobody wants dinos and I'm not a get-all-the-rares person so... yeah. 2. I have soo many CB Pyros (aka 2) and it's just a Gaia I want and that's just for trading.
  15. NOOOOOOO I just tried earthquaking for the first time. Accidentally killed the 2g Storm from Thunder I traded for. I really hope I don't get greylisted from the dragon trading thread for that. I honestly didn't know it would have such a high chance of failure. It also killed my nearly-hatched CB Pyro, leaving my fresh-from-the-caves CB alone. D:
  17. CRAP CRAP I JUST MISSED A CB GOLD. I don't know the egg message well enough because I've NEVER SEEN ONE! So I hesitated for a second and missed it D:
  18. I didn't know those were still obtainable! Wow!
  19. *Overburdened* *Egg dump* *Sees dino, clicks on it, it's red* *Goes through all biomes* *Sees blusang* GOSH DANGIT
  20. Green dino from the Jungle! I was hoping for a xenowyrm, but I got something even better! Buuut I'm willing to trade it for something. Anyone know what I can get with a Dino?
  21. Hey guys. There are several trading threads for things like rares in general, metallics, unbreedables, etc. So I decided to make one for the forces of nature- Ice, Thunder, Magma, Avatar of Creation, Avatar of Change, and Avatar of Destruction. (Not GoN for obvious reasons.) You must be at least offering a trio/avatar or looking for a trio/avatar, but you can definitely do things such as "CB Ice for Paper" or "Vampire for 2g Avatar of Destruction from a male Royal Blue." So yeah, that's it. This shouldn't be a duplicate. Um, have fun I guess. Offering: CB Thunder (close to
  22. "In the Name of Love and Light" and "Too Many Wheels" https://dragcave.net/lineage/0EQh6 Not bad