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  1. I have pretty weird dreams. Mashups of things I like and real life and always a little Minecraft . I have dreams-within-dreams and other meta stuff on a daily basis. But now... I've gotten to the point where I'm doing math in my dreams. send help
  2. Decided to give a pairing a whirl. Here you go: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wKc1J
  3. No one has really attempted outlining what we can see so far though... even though I can definitely make out a leg or something in the lower left corner of Sun.
  4. Last night in my dream I found a CB Copper Shimmerscale in the Coast, and proceeded to fight vampire grimm (the RWBY kind) with Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY in a Minecraft hogwarts.
  5. Once I killed a 2g storm with an alt sweetling parent plus a bleeding moon on accident because I decided to try out earthquake. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  6. I'm feeling very weirded out by the fact that I can hop onto dragon cave with a minute before the drop, randomly decide to try for a semi-rare egg, and then have it drop. First it was a blusang, then it was a xenowyrm (but I was overburdened.) 0_0 Spooped good.
  7. My wall paper is a chibi Zinogre. It's one of the fan favorite monsters from Monster Hunter. Great game series.
  8. Scratching those is beautiful... but chalkboards, not so much. Rubbing crayons/oil pastels with paper towels/napkins/toilet paper/anything like that kills me in the same way. Um, I have a ton of extremely specific weird preferences, but I don't feel like listing them all here For all the food-can't-touch-each-other people, I completely agree. Even if its a little bit.
  9. That sounds like something I would dream about! I once had a dream I was staying at hotel and I had six xenowyrm eggs (one of each) and some random kids ran up and killed them in this weird fountain... like what?! Also... why is Volcano so packed doh?!
  10. Well that's a rather extreme tactic I guess it works doh.
  11. Mildly pro tip: they are also dropping in the Forest, which isn't nearly as packed as the Alpine. Just missed one at the drop cuz I wasn't expecting it.
  12. Well, I looked up some star names, since I thought maybe they were following the naming scheme of the Antareans (might have come from space, space-related egg descriptions, bright light, star name.) I couldn't find any that would make sense that sort between Cassare and Cheese. I did figure out there's a star named Chara doh. Get yo determination ready folks.
  13. Yes, caught a new release! I think they are going to be called Celestials. Unless... hmm... the Antareans were named after a star and had nebulous eggs. Maybe these will be related to stars as well? I know a bit about astronomy so I'm going to find some star names...
  14. I hope this isn't a joke. That would be great. Probably is doh
  15. CB Red Dorsal. After my amazing luck with catching + gendering Tan Ridges a week ago, I'm optimistic for a male/female set.
  16. For some reason, I now have the 2010 easter basket...
  17. All of your writing is amazing, Hawktalon! P.S. I like warriors too.
  18. I don't like how they extend the flood for a bit just because the community wants it... I don't know, I spend most of my time on a Minecraft server forum, the community there is just nuts. I used to think it was normal but now I realize how horrible it actually is... . There was this incident a few months ago about a rank that everyone was flipping out over and the owners were being super secretive and there were flame wars everywhere. Now that I think about it these new releases are very similar to new ranks or gameplay on the minecraft server. Everyone wanted the mysterious new rank in the s
  19. Does anyone know the rarity of these dragons yet? I think that both Sapphire and Antarean are "rare." Although Sapphire could make sense as an Uncommon too...
  20. *That awkward moment when you catch too many Antareans* Anybody want one?
  21. Wow, the Sapphire ratios really got ramped up. I'm not sure if I like how the Desert got specifically flooded... but whatever. Stupid accidental Gray grab, I'm going to be locked for another two hours. Ah well, thank goodness I at least got ONE new release during the flood. A single Antarean... I hadn't even considered attempting a Sapphire back when the flood was going.
  22. -> Gold Tinsel in AP -> Grabs it after brief hesitation -> Really messy lineage -> Abandons it -> Snags Sapphire egg from Alpine after brief hesitation :OOOOOOOOOOOOO
  23. Lol, I can imagine. Try Oroshi, it's even funner. I used to play that game a lot. Generations hype!
  24. How do you get those images? I know about the potential lineage viewer on AoND's but I haven't found anything like that.