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  1. 1. Only a few people have pronounced my name correctly on their first try. Not going to say what it is though.

    2. I've been writing stories since I was a little kid. I am not going to guarantee any quality though.

    3. My favorite piece of literature I have ever read was a fanfic called Pokemon: the Origin of Species. It only updates once a month though, which really sucks, since it's sooooo good.

    4. My first video game was an Atari

    5. My third-favorite piece of literature/book/book series is the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It's about dragons. It's really good. If you even remotely like Dragon Cave you should read it. Scratch that- everyone should read it!

    6. I hate Donald Trump

    7. Dat boi

    8. Oh censorkip.gif waddup

    9. I'm not feeling very creative right now

    10. Because between my two ongoing stories I wrote 3 total chapters and that's very draining

  2. Team RWBY plays Minecraft:


    I ended up having to re-write the whole opening xd.png

    With a pop, four girls appear in the world of Minecraft.


    "Huh, everything looks strangely cubed..." Ruby says.


    "Nice observational skills, sherlock. Let's do something before night falls," Weiss says, running off towards a tree. Yang follows. Ruby stands there, confused, and Blake takes in her surroundings.


    "If we climb those trees, we could elevate off the ground and not have to worry about monsters..." Blake observes, pointing at tall jungle trees in the distance. But Ruby has already ran off to gather resources. The chaos begins.


    "Ahhh, Weiss, that was my tree! You don't get to punch it!" Ruby exclaims.


    "Well you should've seen I was already walking towards it. Go punch some other tree," Weiss states.


    Yang's avatar bursts out of a nearby cave holding a strange item. With an odd scraping sound, Yang accidentally sets the tree on fire.


    "Ooooh, so that's what it does...!" Yang says, intrigued.


    Eventually, the team gets organized as the square sun sets on the world of Minecraft. Ruby, desperately trying to use a pickaxe inside a cave, hears a strange groaning noise.


    "Huh, what's the noise?" Ruby asks, but her teammates are currently on the surface, unable to hear her. Until Blake pops up from around the corner, proving her wrong.


    "I'm mining. You?" She asks.


    "Yeah, but I can't figure out how to use this pickaxe!" Ruby says, holding up her wooden tool in frustration.


    "Ruby, that's an axe, not a pickaxe," Blake states, unamused.


    "What? They're two different things? The misleading name is a travesty of the english language!" Ruby cries out.


    Blake just stares with a blank look on her face, about to return to her mining spot, when a rotting green-and blue zombie appears in the cave, making a familiar groaning sound.


    "AAH!" The two girls shout, and bolt the heck out of the cave. Ruby hurls her not-pick axe at the monster, and dashes off with her speed semblance.


    Appearing just outside of the cave, beating Blake by several seconds, Ruby catches her breath. Blake stumbles out, and looks around to find the other half of her team.


    "Where are they?" Ruby asks half-heartedly, peering around the nearby hills dotting the now-treeless meadow.


    "Over.. there.." Blake says, pointing at a nearby hill, still out of breathe. Now recognizing the shouts, Ruby snorts.


    Yang and Weiss are fighting on top of the hill. Weiss, frantically hurling snowballs at Yang, is trying to put out the fire that Yang is spreading across the hill with her flint and steel.


    "FIRE!!!!" Yang screams.


    "NUU! ICE!!" Weiss counters.


    "Weeeeeell then..." Ruby says. "We should've known that was how it was going to end."

  3. You can also do HP. Someone did HP before I did, but I still did it. If my posted part of my story isnt' too long, I'll probably submit my favorite portion of a "Sam and Dean in the Psych universe" story. Me and my mother love Supernatural and tend to use the characters in almost every story. If I can't use Sam and Dean again, I have Yu'lon from World of Warcraft in the My Little Pony world. That's a pretty interesting story. Still...it's also a little long. sad.gif

    Oh, so as long as it's not the same characters in the same situation it's allowed? I have a great idea to use RWBY characters!

  4. Before i even attempt to breed any are 4th gen prize worth anything? not really looking for anything special maybe a CB hatch or 2 or BSA hatch/hatchies helping some friends biggrin.gif

    Prizes are quite valuable. I traded my CB Copper for a good 3rd gen. Even with higher gen stairs you can get some good trades. Just make sure they aren't messy, and that the lineage could be continued by most people. That's the hard part!

  5. Here is my story:


    I saw a trade offering a CB Almandine in exchange for a CB Copper. So I waited for the next egg dump, and started in the Coast. Nothing good. I hurriedly clicked through the rest of the biomes (except Alpine, which was crowded as usually) and in the Volcano, I saw an egg gleaming with a reddish shine smile.gif somehow I managed to check 4 biomes and on the 5th an egg had been sitting there and I got to grab it. Phew.


    I ended up not getting the Almandine, but instead I got a really good bronze tinsel line.

  6. The crystal in the titles looks like a revive to me.


    user posted image

    Ooooooh you're right! That's interesting! Some kind of special revive....? Oooh, maybe the evil team is looking for a legendary Revive that can bring something back to life. They use it to resurrect the legendary of the sun/moon. Then the crap hits the fan and a 10 year old saves the world.


    Sounds about right.

  7. CB Copper! It's from the desert, so it's a.... *looks up on wiki* brown! I'm not sure if I should gender it male or female. I have a rainbow that's Male, so maybe I should make this one female...? Or just leave it to random chance.

  8. Um, back in Black and White's release (before B2W2 crashed gen 5) I refused to spoil anything for myself online except through guidebooks and word of mouth. It was pretty fun! But I knew nothing about Undella Bay and its ruins, so I asked my most knowledgeable Pokemon friend. He told me that Undella Bay is related to Genesect, and the runes on the wall talk about how he was created.


    Jerk. Total lies. And I didn't do the research to debunk them because of my vow. I ended up unfriending him after B2W2 came out and I did some research.

  9. I have pretty weird dreams. Mashups of things I like and real life and always a little Minecraft xd.png. I have dreams-within-dreams and other meta stuff on a daily basis. But now... I've gotten to the point where I'm doing math in my dreams.


    send help