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  1. I posted a while ago and was never added, so I guess I'll take the oath again lol I, PhoeniXXTalon, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  2. I think TJ wants us to think its a joke and then see our response when it's perfectly normal >o< Everyone is too suspicious, I'm just excited for this new dragon!
  3. Wow! This looks and sounds awesome! I'm pumped Already snatched one, will probably get another and influence them to be a pair once the ERs I grabbed from the AP hatch.
  4. Ahhh crap, just missed a cheese in the cave. My parents heard me yelling "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" and were like "Sweetie stop playing the game if it makes u mad" im like "no way sheesh" It's funny because that cheese egg was in the exact same spot as my youngest cheese dragon, Cheeselandia. Anyway, thank you for welcoming me :3
  5. I don't know, but I think because the event's over.
  6. Enroll Me At CO ScrollName PhoeniXXTalon FourmName PhoeniXXTalon How many Cheeses do you own? 2 Will you give free cheese eggs to people who want them? No, but only because they are very very hard to find and the two I have I stumbled upon while looking for other dragons. Plus I wouldn't be able to let go of CHEESEY WEEZEY EPICNESS >:U Are you ok with made-up research? Yes > Special Word Cheezzy
  7. YES!!! I'm not going to ask for anything else because if I push it it might not happen and even 1 more egg slot would be like, "Hey, Phoenix, half of your worries are magically gone!" and poof. lol
  8. If the person who finds the egg is nice enough, they'll probably look into helping you, especially since there's a reward involved. I'll keep my eyes peeled, but I tend to be egglocked a lot. Also, if the person has their username shown on their dragons' pages, you could track whoever has it down. I don't really know how else to help, though.
  9. I'm kind of a noob. What's a 'tinselfail'?
  10. I'd love to adopt inbreds, I've found some amazing inbred lineages in the AP. PhoeniXXTalon
  11. I wish to fight with the Targaryens! Scroll name/link: dragcave.net/user/PhoeniXXTalon Preferred lineage (if any): Nah, a Targaryen's a Targaryen no matter what lineage, plus I'm not picky anyhow. Just whatever's convenient I guess. Number of eggs: (1 or 2) 2, even though knowing my luck I'll probably be egglocked when I get the eggs *sigh* That's just my life x3
  12. Yes! Just found a Z heartseeker in the AP! Without trying! I'll make a form in 3 days when it hatches >.>
  13. Yay, took the albino thx! ;3 zmY2K: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zmY2K NAME: Z' Battlecry GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Gifted (Thank you predatorfan4ever!) LINEAGE: CB
  14. Got the nightglory! Thank u! ZlJRS: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZlJRS NAME: Z' Ashfall GENDER: Male ORIGIN: Gifted (Thank you predatorfan4ever!) LINEAGE: CB
  15. AAAGH just auto'd a Z that's also the child of a Z, if someone sees please catch! And keep! Unless you want to give it back to me! Which you don't have to do! (probably wont show in the AP for a couple days, though) https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZapcP
  16. Oh, wow, I breed 2 random dragons, get an egg, look at the egg's lineage, it's so messy that I want to abandon it, I look at the code, and... http://dragcave.net/lineage/zleq1 It's a z! A keeper for me
  17. ZNPXW: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZNPXW NAME: Z' Tundra Wind GENDER: Ungendered ORIGIN: Gifted (Thank you Pattekat!) LINEAGE: CB zQeYU: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zQeYU NAME: Z' Wave Caster GENDER: Ungendered ORIGIN: Gifted (Thank you Pattekat!) LINEAGE: CB
  18. It's been a while and I don't want it hatching while I have it, someone take it!!!
  19. Eggie I found in the AP: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. zvDrm: http://dragcave.net/lineage/zvDrm NAME: Z' Whiteout GENDER: Influenced Female ORIGIN: Gifted (Thank you whoever posted the FFA, I forget the username sorry ) LINEAGE: Wakinyela Beefcake: x Maceo Dusk Dorkface: - White x Magi
  21. Oh, no, I don't mind at all, I didn't need a Striped River at all! I just like having lots of dragons, and because I found a couple in the AP I'm at the max amount of growing dragons now! It's all good Edit: Made it a little clearer
  22. ikr, happens all the time to me. Once I was being a stupid noobish idiot and searched for a magma (which i need badly btw) while I was egglocked. Guess what? I found one. I've never seen one since I also think they need to add a term for when you aren't egglocked but you have the maximum amount of growing dragons... Because I just found a howler drake egg with 1d 4h in the AP, as well as a hatchie. I hatched the howler drake so I only have 2 eggs but I'm still 'growing-dragon-locked'
  23. The only reason I grabbed 3 of the 4 ERs was to evade the egg limits Edit: Updated post up there a few posts ^
  24. It is ^^ I'm taking them and ERing them 2 at a time, they are ERs atm. I'll edit this with the forms one they're all hatched. Edit: Looks like one was taken, lol if I can hatch the others in time I'll take the other one x3 Edit: All hatched! My cheese dragon too! Z2hIF: Here NAME: Z' Darkness GENDER: Ungendered ORIGIN: Gifted (Thanks Caio13z!) LINEAGE: Dam: CB Zg78t: Here NAME: Z' Light GENDER: Ungendered ORIGIN: Gifted (Thanks again Caio13z!) LINEAGE: CB Z87EK: Here NAME: Z' Leaf GENDER: Ungendered ORIGIN: Gifted (And again, Caio13z!) LINEAGE: CB