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  1. I had the same issue with both the cauldron puzzles, everything I did got no result at all except forcing me to collect all the ingredients again, even using the reset in the pause menu didn't help. Refreshing the page finally fixed it for me. The bug seems to be triggered when you place an ingredient in the cauldron then cancel, which is unfortunate because the "Select an ingredient to put in" button is also the "Make the text boxes go a bit faster" button, making it very easy to accidentally put the wrong ingredient in if you're impatient and mash that button. And then of course
  2. Brute Dragon's gonna burninate the countryside.
  3. It's been down for about five hours, MS staff is aware and working on it.
  4. For anyone who's not obsessively checking the Twitter because of withdrawal or getting news elsewhere, the server was picked up a few days ago and they've spent the last couple days working on extracting the data and transferring it. It's expected to still be a couple more days before the site's back up, could be sooner but they want to double-check everything. In other news, popular consensus is that this is all Talyn's fault, as usual.
  5. Apologies for the double post, but I just noticed there's been an update and want to get the word out: Apparently the problem is that the server went to sleep and won't wake up. They're going to pick it up from the datacenter, pull the hard drives, and try to get it running on a new host. Unfortunately, this is expected to take upwards of four to five days.
  6. From the official Twitter, the site's been down for at least 15 hours and Tristan has been working on it for at least 4.
  7. Have you tried a hard refresh(ctrl+F5)?
  8. You'll be able to look at it by clicking the badge.
  9. I think it's the ballerina shoes. They've got those criss-crossy ribbon things, and you've layered it above the Ghost sheet.
  10. Same happened here. I tried to put on a couple pieces from my freebie and now I can't access the event page at all.
  11. Pretty sure it's just a generic base for use in the shop.
  12. Decided to take this one after a bit of agonizing. Still hoping to get a red and green Vein egg before the release is over, but I've got the slots to still get one of each and I've wanted a CB Magma for a while to have a full CB set. Danke schoen!
  13. 6G Gold Tinsel Stolen by ninjas or something? Oh well, enjoy. 6G Silver Tinsel 7G Gold Shimmer Both taken by IOU, you're welcome!
  14. Yep. I've seen a couple pop through the AP, and they were the same size as the new drakes'.